Bible Trivia Games for Youth Groups

Bible trivia can be fun!

For teens actively involved with their youth group, Bible trivia games for youth groups can be a great way to incorporate fun and faith. When you get together with your youth group and combine the interest in fun with religious belief, there are a lot of great games you can play to have a good time. However, are there some fun Bible trivia games for youth groups or activities that won't seem lame?

Bible Trivia Games for Youth Groups

What is a great way to take the Bible, your youth group, and have some fun? The answer: trivia games! Some examples of great trivia games you can play include:

  • Bible Jeopardy: A lot of people out there are familiar with the rules of Jeopardy. In order to get this Bible game ready to go, you'll need a board where you can tack on a bunch of index cards. With the index cards, write a bunch of questions that all fit in one category. A few great categories are: Bible Animals, Women of the Bible, Which Book of the Bible, What Did Jesus Say, and Bible Leaders. Organize the questions on the board and have your youth group members wager to see who answers what.
  • Bible Baseball: Another great Bible game you can play is baseball related. Get together a bunch of questions about the Bible and rank them by difficulty. At the same time, divide your group into teams. The easier questions are a single, the medium questions are doubles, the hard ones are a three base hit while the hardest questions are homeruns. Have each player gather around and ask them what they want to 'try' for: a single, double, three-base or homerun. If they get the question right, they'll move that many spaces around the figurative baseball field. If they fail, they get a strike. Don't forget- three strikes and they're out! See which team has the most points at the end of nine rounds.
  • Who Wants to be a Millionaire?: Another great enjoyable TV show that you can bring to your Bible trivia: Who Wants to be a Millionaire makes for a lot of fun. Grab a bunch of multiple-choice Bible trivia questions, gather contestants, and go! Find out who in your youth group can go the furthest!
  • Horse: Traditionally known as a basketball game, Horse is a game where you try to trump the other player. If they can't do the same thing, they'll get the letter 'H," then 'O' and so on. The first person to spell Horse with their letters loses. Turn this into a fun Bible game. Separate your youth group into teams and work to think of the hardest Bible question that you can. If the other team can't answer the question, they'll earn a letter. But watch out: you'll have to answer their questions too and if you fail, you'll get a Horse letter too!
  • Checkers: Take a simple checkers board and layout out the pieces. Place a stack of Bible trivia questions written on index cards on the table, face down. Players draw a question to ask their opponent. For every question you get right, you can move a piece. For every question you get wrong, you're opposition gets to move a piece instead. Who will be the first person to win the board and tackle Bible Checkers Trivia?

A Final Thought

A lot of fun can be had with simple trivia games. Don't feel like you have to make it a big event in order to play a trivia game. While games can be a lot of fun - especially when they're a fun game in their own right - sometimes nothing could be better than playing a simple question and answer trivia style game. Keep the questions good, and the answers better, and you're sure to have a great time!

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Bible Trivia Games for Youth Groups