Cute Teenage Guys

There are many types of cute teenage guys. Teenagers all have different personalities. During their adolescent years, teens begin to figure out what they like to do, and what they are looking for in others.

Athletic Teenagers

Teenagers who are involved in sports will probably seek out friends and possible relationships from people who also play sports. Sports are usually popular among teenage boys. Even if a guy doesn't play an organized sport, he probably plays basketball or football with his friends from time to time.

Smart Guys

Some teenage boys care about their education more than others, and some just like to read. While a teen like this might be labeled a nerd, he is more likely to get the opportunity to help a girl that he likes with her homework than a teen who doesn't like to study.

Musicians and Artistic Boys

Musicians and teenage boys who are artistic are usually very attractive to most teen girls. Being able to write a song or paint a portrait can help teenage guys get attention from the opposite sex, but a teen shouldn't learn guitar just so that he can get a girlfriend.

Mysterious Teenagers

Sometimes a teen might seem more mysterious than his classmates. This could be because he is new to town, or because he dresses and acts differently. While he may be automatically categorized as a "bad kid", he might not be. Sometimes teen boys who are shy are also pinned as mysterious.

Skateboarder Boys

Skateboarding has become a popular hobby among many teenagers, especially teenage boys. Skateboarders often are athletic as well as mysterious. While it can be a somewhat dangerous sport, at least compared to football or basketball, skateboarding is a fun activity for teens if they are careful.

Religious Teenagers

Religion plays an important part in some teenager's lives. If a teenager is involved with his local church and is a good citizen, most parents are going to like him and allow their daughters to spend time with him more easily than they would with other teenagers.

Many Different Cute Teenage Guys

What classifies a teenage boy as cute all depends on the girl who is looking at him. Even the most average guy could have someone who finds him more attractive than he thinks he is.

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Cute Teenage Guys