First Teenager Kiss

Teens about to experience first kiss

The first teenager kiss is a rite of passage that millions of people on Earth experience sooner or later. Even if you've been kissed by someone before, a lightning-fast peck on the cheek behind the monkey bars from your seven-year-old cousin Jamie in the third grade isn't really the same. When you're old enough to know why people kiss, the act of locking lips is more about showing someone how you feel rather than giving someone "cooties" and the first one is almost always the best.

This Just In: First Kiss Not Just for Teens!

It's sort of scary, sort of awkward and it will make your heart pound so fast and loud you'll just know the other person can hear it. That is, unless, you are totally caught off guard by someone else and pulled into the moment before you can realize what is about to happen. It's your first kiss, and stories of first kisses are as unique as the people telling them. From kids as young as seven and adults in their twenties, first kiss stories don't always involve teenagers. So if it hasn't happened yet, don't worry, you will receive your first kiss eventually.

Not rushing into things is advice that most any sound adult will bestow upon a teenager, and it is good advice. There will be plenty of time for kissing later when you're done learning high school stuff. Worrying about when it will happen and/or scrambling about to find someone, anyone, to kiss you is a waste of time that is better spent working towards your future. A "lecture" of the importance of education isn't what you really want to read, but slow steps towards becoming an adult will take you a lot further in life than letting peer pressure push you down the path as fast as you can. Waiting patiently for your first kiss will only make the anticipation in the moment of your first kiss even better. You might as well do your homework in the meantime.

Your First Teenager Kiss: Tips, Advice and Rumors

Whether it happens under the darkened bleachers after a football game, under the porch lamp of a parent's house, or under swirling lights that illuminate the gym floor during a school dance, your first kiss will be a pretty big event in your life. If it hasn't happened yet, you're probably nervous about it. Even if you've kissed someone once before, kissing someone new for the first time can turn your stomach upside-down. For young adults looking for a little knowledge to ease their minds, the following lesson will provide you with ample information.

Kissing 101

Teens about to experience first kiss

Kissing tips available online usually outline techniques and methods of kissing, and that's all well and good, but sometimes you need more than lists and descriptions. More knowledge can be gained by reading advice about kissing and you can also ask the Teen Team for their advice about your specific smooching situation. The best tricks you will learn; however, will come from experiencing the act of your first kiss and practicing a second and a third, etc. Doing what feels right is always a better choice than doing what is technically "right".

With experience, everyone acquires their own style of lip-locking, and everyone likes and dislikes different ways of showing affection through kissing. Being observant of body language can help you unlock the secrets of how your crush wants to be kissed or if they even want to kiss you. Once you can read someone's body language, knowing when to kiss someone becomes a lot easier. Then with a little study beforehand, your first teenager kiss will be an "A+".

OMG! Kissing Can Lead to Cooties?! Srsly!?

In one case the "cooties" is Mononucleosis or, as it is probably more commonly referred to in high school hallways: "Mono". Known as the "kissing disease", this glandular fever is spread by the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) and though kissing provides it with the saliva it needs to travel from one person to another, Mono can also be transmitted by sharing glasses and utensils, coughing and sneezing. In actuality, you are more likely to catch a cold than Mono from your first or any kiss from a boyfriend or girlfriend.

In the other case, as you may have seen on television in commercials, kissing can lead to a form of Meningitis; however, despite what you see on TV, there are many types of Meningitis and the rare forms are the worst. Meningitis is most commonly known as a viral infection like Mono and treatment usually includes the same bed rest, fluids and perhaps some over-the-counter pain medication. Recognizing symptoms of Meningitis can be tricky because the early signs of infection are very similar to the Flu, but the facts remain solid: your chances of contracting Meningitis through any type of kissing are very slim.

To cover all of the "cooties" bases, it should also be stated that you absolutely cannot contract AIDS or HIV from your first or any lip-to-lip kiss that you share with someone who is living with either strain of the disease.

Kissing Final Exam: Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Ride

There is no kissing test and you cannot fail the subject of your first kiss. Even if your first experience putting your lips to the lips of another seems to go horribly, there is a lesson to be learned from it. Hopefully you can reflect upon it later in life and laugh. Don't worry; it's impossible to mess it up. Remember, what your first teenager kiss will be is special in its own way.


First Teenager Kiss