Free Teen Clothing Catalogs

Teen girl in hoodie and jeans.

Free teen clothing catalogs can help you stay on top of the latest fashions. Being able to order from a catalog makes it easy to shop without having to drive anywhere, and if you're hoping your parents will buy some of the clothes you want as a gift, it's easy to circle or highlight the things you like and leave the catalog out for them to see.

List of Free Teen Clothing Catalogs

You can find teen clothing from many different catalogs. In addition to those that specialize in teen clothing, you can also find department and specialty catalogs that offer some types of teen clothing as well. Here's a list of stores that offer mail-order free teen clothing catalogs to get you started.


Alloy is another clothing catalog that offers teen girl clothes. While their selection is on the small side, the choice picks make up for it. They also offer extended sizing.

Peace Frogs

Peace Frogs merchandise includes comfortable clothing, like sweats, loungewear, t-shirts, casual dresses, and more. If you love tie-dye, this is the place to shop. If you're not a huge tie-dye fan, it's still worth a look. Who doesn't love smiling tree frogs and peace signs?


At Tilly's, you'll find comfortable, fashionable pieces that you can dress up or down for a variety of looks. Get clothing, swimwear, shoes, and accessories for teens and young adults.


At Active, you can get all your skateboard clothing and shoes. They send out four catalogs per year, full of brands like Matrix, RVCA, Vans, Converse, and more.

Online Catalogs

While the above stores and many more still offer free paper catalogs, things are changing. Many stores are cutting costs by opting to offer online catalogs, rather than offering their customers the luxury of flipping through the glossy pages of traditional catalogs. You can find a huge selection of stores that offer catalogs online via their website.

These online catalogs may be offered as web pages that look like traditional catalogs, or they may have the clothing in sections and pages for easy browsing. Either way, online clothing catalogs have the latest styles for you to choose from.

A few examples of some of the stores that offer free clothing catalogs for teens online include:

Catalogs Make Shopping a Breeze

If you don't have a car or your parents are too busy to take you on a shopping trip to all of your favorite stores a few towns over, just order a catalog, consult the size chart, and go from there. Catalogs make it easy to get the styles you want without the inconvenience of traveling miles to get to the perfect store. If you don't particularly enjoy trying on clothes in a dressing room, you'll get the bonus of being able to try everything on at home and send back whatever doesn't work. If you're a trendy teen in a not-so-trendy place, catalog shopping will keep you ahead of the curve, too.

Free Teen Clothing Catalogs