Gift Ideas for a Teenage Boyfriend

Stacy Zeiger
Teen couple exchange a gift

Whether it's Christmas, Valentine's Day, his birthday or just because, choosing a gift for your teenage boyfriend is hard work. You don't want to be too mushy or romantic, but you also don't want to get him a gift that doesn't mean anything. Think about his interests, moments you have shared together and your budget, and then use these gift ideas to help narrow down your choices.

Gifts to Buy

If you know what your guy likes, you may be able to find the perfect gift at the mall or online. Before you start looking, set a budget. You don't need to empty your savings to get a gift your boyfriend will like.


If your boyfriend's band or sports team is coming to town, get him tickets to a game or a show. Tickets to a local amusement park also make a fun summer gift. Whatever tickets you choose make sure to get him two so you can tag along.


For something a little cheaper, try tickets to a popular movie or, if your parents agree, a special midnight showing. You can also get him a DVD of a movie the two of you saw together or the latest season of his favorite TV show.


Surprise him by loading up his mp3 player with some of his favorite songs. He may also enjoy a CD from his favorite band or artist. Look online for special editions or signed copies of CDs to make the gift extra special.

Video Games

If you have to pry your boyfriend's fingers away from his controller, a video game may be the best option. Look for the latest edition of his favorite game or get him a gift card to his favorite game store so he can choose his own games. A subscription to a video game rental service may also be something he'll enjoy. Make sure you know which console(s) he has so you know he will actually be able to play the game you get him.


Most guys have a pretty laid back style and are not too concerned about the clothes they wear, but that doesn't mean your boyfriend will not appreciate a special piece of clothing as a gift. Get him a funny t-shirt or a shirt featuring his favorite band or characters from his favorite movie. A jersey featuring his favorite athlete's name and number or a shirt supporting his favorite team is another option he's sure to like.


Believe it or not, your boyfriend may actually care about how he smells when he's around you. Get him a bottle of his favorite cologne or the scent you would like for him to wear.

Gift Cards

If you are still having trouble thinking of something for your man, get him a gift card to his favorite store. He'll likely appreciate the fact that you didn't get him something he would hate and when he picks out an item at the store, he'll be thinking of how sweet the gift card from you was.


Teenage boys love to eat. Give your boyfriend a basket of his favorite candy or other snacks as a gift. You could also take him out to one of his favorite restaurants or buy him a pizza.


Jewelry is not just for girls. You can give your boyfriend a special piece of jewelry to wear to remember you. Give him some dog tags engraved with a special message or a chain with a special charm on it. Rope bracelets, chains, leather jewelry and titanium necklaces are also popular jewelry options for guys.

Gifts to Make

When you're on a tight budget, making a gift may be the best option. Homemade gifts are not only cheap, they also contain a lot of love.

Poem or Letter

Write a poem or letter for him. A poem is always a creative and fun way to show how you really feel about someone, and you can make it look nice by writing the finished poem on nice paper and adding decorations such as glitter, stickers, or even drawing a picture around the words if you are artistic.


If you have been with your boyfriend a good amount of time, you have likely collected a lot of mementos, such as movie tickets. Make your boyfriend a scrapbook of all these memories so that he can look fondly on your time together.


Make a special playlist of songs for his iPod or MP3 player. Be sure to include songs that are special to the two of you as a couple, as well as songs that make you think of him. If you are going to burn the playlist onto a CD, you could also make a customized CD case out of construction paper, glitter glue and stickers.


Make matching bracelets. If you know how to make friendship bracelets, then make two (using his favorite colors is always a good idea) and give him one to tie around his wrist or ankle. Do the same with yours, and when they fall off each of you make a wish.


Show off your cooking and baking skills by making your boyfriend a cake, a dozen cookies or a special dinner. He'll appreciate the effort you put in to the gift and he'll love the food. Remember, the way to a guy's heart is through his stomach!

Finding the Perfect Gift

Don't stress too much about the amount of money you spend on your boyfriend's gift or worry that you will never find the perfect gift. Pay attention to his interests and things he points out that he likes when the two of you are together and finding a gift will be easy. The point of the gift isn't to impress him with how good of a shopper you are or how much money you have, it's to show him that you care about him. Most guys are fairly easy to please. Chances are he'll love anything you get him.

Gift Ideas for a Teenage Boyfriend