Poems for Eighth Grade Graduation

Write poetry about your graduation day.

Moving from middle school to high school is a big change and poems for eighth grade graduation can help ease the transition.

The End of an Era

As eighth grade graduation nears, you're likely feeling many mixed feelings. It's common to feel excited, anxious, unsure, and everything in between. The good news is that your classmates are likely feeling the exact same way and any person who's been through eighth grade graduation can relate to the uncertainty and eagerness.

The Purpose of Poems

A lot of things change after middle school, including important friendships and relationships, so graduation is a time to look back, while also looking forward. Whether your school does a formal eighth grade graduation or not, you can still read and write poems either privately or between friends to help you get through the transition. Poetry can help you sort out the confusion while also helping you to realize that no matter what happens in the future you are not alone. Reading or writing poetry is a great way to help express your feelings and sort them out on paper. The great thing about poems is that they are often emotional and can help put words into a feeling that you might otherwise not be able to express.

Poems for Eighth Grade Graduation

The following are some poems for eighth grade graduation themes or to personally use to give you some guidance and wisdom along this new trail.

When You Find a Poem You Like

When you find a poem that really speaks to you, find a way to make it a keepsake. Designate a place where you can save the poem to read later or even a collection of poems. The following are some ideas for how to collect and keep poetry.

  • Print out poems on nice stationary using either a printer or handwrite them.
  • Buy a blank book and glue poems in it using a glue stick.
  • Write out poems in a notebook and include illustrations.
  • Type up poems for friends or family and print them out on colorful cardstock.
  • Always attribute the author of the poem, by including the author's name or initials at the end. Do this even with your own poetry.

Take Your Time

When you read poetry, do it slowly and thoughtfully. Absorb the words and verses to see how they make you feel. When you find just the right graduation poem, you'll know it.

Poems for Eighth Grade Graduation