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Everyone is worried about kissing someone for the first time. People worry if they will make a mistake, if kissing will be sloppy, and the big one, rejection. Let the Teen Team answer your questions about this topic and lay to rest your kissing fears!

Kissing Questions

Reader Question

Hey, I have a boyfriend and I'm scared about French kissing with him because I have a plate with a fake tooth on it. Would he be able to feel it? Will his tongue touch the roof of my mouth? And if so will he care? HELP! ~~Hayley'

Advice from Melissa


No, and no. Modern technology in oral hygiene is wonderful. The only person who has to know is you and your dentist. Relax. Be confident, and it won't make any difference at all.


Okay so here's the problem, I've had my first kiss, but it wasn't anything special, I mean there was nothing to it. Now I'm in high school and all my friends are talking about how they made out with these guys, the problem is I haven't made out with anyone yet, it was always just a kiss. But now I'm sort of scared that if that day comes where it's the moment to make out, what if i suck at it. I'm a little scared to see what happens,what if the guy notices i suck at it, he could tell everyone... I don't even know what to do anymore? ~~Lauren

Advice from Melissa

First time anythings are never perfect...they are almost always awkward, sometime embarrassing, but also exciting. Your fear of "sucking at it" is normal. Believe me, everyone feels the same way you do,but some just hide it better than others.When you are with the right partner, no matter how scared, or inexperienced you are, you will know what to do. Either your partner will help guide you, or you might learn together. The important thing, is being with the right person who really likes you for you, and not for experience level. It's not the one will be writing down scores and posting them on blackboards. Relax. Go with the flow.


Advice from Katie

  1. The boys are just as inexperienced and nervous as you are.
  2. If he tells everyone you suck (if you suck), he's a scum sucking looooser and obviously overcompensating for being a huge, huge idiot.
  3. Everyone sucks at first. Practice makes perfect- with the right guy.


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