Teenagers Kissing

Two teens puckering their lips.

It's common to see and hear about teenagers kissing. Many parents overreact at the news of their son or daughter dating around or being in a romantic relationship, but it's normal and healthy for teens to date. To develop the healthiest relationships possible both as teenagers and later in life, it's important for teens to learn what romantic relationships are all about and how their roles as a date, a boyfriend, or a girlfriend are different from the other roles they're used to playing.

The First Kiss

There's a lot of hubbub about first kisses, and they are important; most people remember their first kiss for their whole lives. There isn't much that can help prevent you from stressing out about a first kiss, but if you do make an effort to relax and not spend much time worrying about it, you'll probably feel more prepared and calm when the time does arrive.

Similarly, you shouldn't worry if all of your friends have had their first kisses and you haven't had yours yet. There's nothing wrong with you if you don't have your first kiss in middle school or even in high school. In many cases, people don't have their first kisses until they are in their 20s; and in some countries, it's frowned upon to kiss before marriage at all.

Tips for Kissing

Whether you've had your first kiss or not, you're likely concerned about what kind of kisser you are and how you can improve your kissing skills. Pleasantly enough, one of the best ways to improve is through practice and trying different techniques, so if you're dating someone, don't hesitate to experiment a little bit with that person in terms of your kissing (as long as it's OK with him or her, of course). If a person pulls back or you sense that he or she is uncomfortable during a kiss, stop. Kissing is always best when both parties involved feel comfortable and at ease.

There are a lot of questions about teenagers kissing that can be answered through simple trial and error. If you're shy or if you feel insecure about any part of yourself-your glasses, braces, breath, or height, for example-kissing could be a stressful experience for you instead of an enjoyable one. Keep in mind that if you reach the point of kissing someone, that person is likely just as interested in being close to you as you are in being close to him or her. You should make an effort to be clean (brush your teeth before you go out and pop a breath mint after you eat), of course, but try to be confident as well. Confidence is sexy to almost everyone.

Your Breathing

It's important to pay attention to your breathing when you're kissing. You can practice this without having a kissing partner; it works with your palm or pillow just as well as it works with a person. Don't forget to breathe, and don't gulp too much air all at once. Your kisses should vary between being light and heavy so that you'll have plenty of opportunities to get the air you need. If you're French kissing or doing another kind of deep kiss, another idea is to pause every so often to stroke your partner's hair or look into his or her eyes and catch your breath.

More Tips for Teenagers Kissing

There are a lot of tips and advice to pick up on when practicing your kissing techniques, so try not to get overwhelmed! Pick what works for you or what appeals most to you, and go with it.

  • Keep your lips moist but not too wet.
  • If you wear lip gloss or lipstick, make sure it's not too thick.
  • Remember to touch. Kissing isn't just about the lips; it can be about the whole body.
  • Convey emotion through your kiss.
  • Always respect your partner and his or her feelings.
  • Have fun!
Teenagers Kissing