What Pranks Can I Play on My Parents?

April Fool's Day is an ideal time to pull some pranks on your parents, all in good fun of course. As with all pranks, you should be very careful about how extreme your pranking becomes. If you go too far, you could definitely end up in some serious trouble with your mom and dad, or even the law. Never vandalize property or do something that is not legal in your state. Things like making a huge mess in your home, or breaking something will probably get you in some trouble, so keep that in mind as well. Depending on how laid back your parents are, pulling a few pranks on them could either end up in laughter, or with you being punished for a good while.

Pranks to Play on Your Parents

Now, if you've decided that pulling a prank on Mom or Dad is worth the risk of getting grounded, then you will want to pick a good, and funny, prank to pull. Some relatively harmless, and funny pranks to pull on your parents are:

  • Jell-O Water: Unscrew the mesh cap on the sink's faucet and fill it up with Jell-O powder. When the water is turned on again, it will come out colored. You can also do the same trick with milk, or pancake mix.
  • Toothpaste Trick: If Mom has a sweet tooth, you might fill a cream-filled with white toothpaste for a funny surprise. Buy her a new bag of cookies to make sure you don't get into trouble though!
  • TV Troubles: Adjust the tint on the television set and set a control on the TV so that it can't be changed without your password.
  • Screen Fun: Make a screen capture of your desktop background on the computer or on your parent's phone and place all the icons in a folder. Then, set the screen capture as the new desktop or lock screen. They'll keep clicking at the icons, wondering why the folders aren't opening up. You could even auto-replace certain words in Microsoft or on their phone so every time they write "and" or "the" on a Word document, it pops up as "monkey" or "I can't use the computer!"
  • Bugs in the Cereal: Go buy some plastic bugs, the type that look real, and put one or two into your parent's favorite cereal box. When they go to eat their breakfast, they will get a nasty surprise. As with the Jell-O trick, there are several variations of this trick. Just about any type of food works for this trick, actually.
  • Slippery Doors: Put petroleum jelly, or baby oil, on all the doorknobs in your victim's home, and then ask them to go in the next room and get you something.
  • Clothes Swap: Swap your mom's clothes with the clothes in your dad's side of the closet or drawer. This also works on brothers and sisters if you have younger siblings of the opposite sex.
  • Rubber Faucet: Put a rubber band, a clear one is probably best, around the faucet sprayer trigger in the kitchen, the next person to use the sink will get soaked.
  • Where's the Toilet Paper?!: Hide all the toilet paper around the house in random places, such as the refrigerator or pantry.
  • Wormy Apple: Drill a hole in an apple and put a gummy worm inside of it.

Other Options

There are many resources if you are looking to find a good prank you can play on your parents. Books, movies, television shows, ideas from your friends, and even pranks you've used on your friends can give you great ideas for pulling some great pranks on your parents.

What Pranks Can I Play on My Parents?