Newest Trends in Teen Bikinis

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The newest trends in teen bikinis are always fresh, with modern cuts and interesting design elements. Know what's popular, where to shop, and how to choose the most flattering trends to look great when bikini season begins.

Cuts and Styles

There are several specific cuts and styles of teen bikinis that are incredibly trendy and have a certain to appeal to a young female audience. Here are some of the most popular types of bikinis to look for:

Boy Shorts

Boy Shorts

Many teens are picking up on the fashion for boy shorts, and pairing their bikini tops with a pair of low-slung, hipster shorts. These are the type of bikini bottoms that are best suited to girls with flat stomachs and slender thighs, making them the perfect choice for teenagers. They also add a funky, modern look to swimwear, and they are easy and comfortable to wear.

Bandeau Tops

On the top half of the body, anything goes, and cute bandeaus are perennial favorites. These trendy bikini tops are great for teen girls that are athletic or sport a small bust since they don't offer much in the way of support and are essentially tube tops. They can, however, withstand light beach activities, plus pesky straps won't get in the way.

Low-Rise Bottoms

If there is one teen bikini trend that has totally dominated the last few years, it's the low-rise bottom. Whether your bikini is a full brief, bikini-cut, hipster or accentuated with side ties, that low-slung look is the common factor. Part of the reason that this style of bottoms is so popular is because it's not as restricting and it makes the torso look longer.



Ideal for the teen girls that are a little more modest when it comes to showing off their body, comes the trendy tankini. This style is essentially a tank top and a bikini bottom or boy short that can be worn in the water just like other swimwear styles. Some tankinis even have built-in bra cups to offer the support of a traditional bikini top.

Halter Top/Triangle Top

Both halter and triangle bikini tops are among the most classic and popular of trendy teen bikinis, and their reign shows no signs of slowing down. Halters tops provide more support for the bust area and are best for those whose breasts are large or if they will engage if lots of activity. Triangle tops offer little support, but a favored because of how light they are to wear and are easily undetectable when worn underneath clothing.


One thing that teens love is to be an individual, especially when it comes to what they wear, and swimwear is no different. An easy way they can do this is to pair bikini tops and bottoms that are completely different from each other. Mix and match colors, styles and fabrics as seen at some of the top department stores and retail chains.

Design Elements

trendy bikini styles

There are specific design elements that position themselves on the teen bikini scene. Most are girly and delicate, while reflecting the styles seen on the bikini styles of older women. Take at look at these hot details:


Ruffles are the epitome of the teen bikini. They are equally flirty, feminine and flattering to a variety of figures. The most common place for ruffles to be featured on teen bikinis is a the rear area. This is an ideal location because it allows the rest of the suit to be simple, while containing all of the flash and flair in the back. The width of the ruffles vary, but keep in mind that wider ruffles add bulk and are best suited for those with smaller bottoms.


There are more ways to glisten in the sunlight that wearing suntan oil and bright colors. Teens love to be the center of attention in bikini styles that contain metallic details. Whether the choice is a swimsuit in an all- over metallic print or one that features it in subtle doses, the outcome is trendy and fun. Colors such as gold, silver, copper and pewter are just some of the more popular metallic tones outfitting teen bikinis.


Not only do hardware bikinis provide substance to a swimsuit, they also add a nice little sparkle to the average suit. Metal rings, zippers, belts and buckles are some of the more popular hardware elements that adorn trendy bikini styles. The best part is that it acts as its own jewelry of sorts, so you can shine even while in the water.



One of the newest trends in teen bikinis is the usage of fringe. It can be placed on the top, bottom, back or a combination of all. The fringe is usually short in length, as long styles would interfere once you got in the water. Keep in mind that fringe can make things look bigger, especially when wearing a bikini, so if you have a large bust or bottom, avoid wearing your fringe in these areas.

Flattering Bikini Trends for Teen Figures

Since teens tend to be more sensitive about their appearance, it's a good idea to think about the style of bikini that will be most flattering to her shape before heading out on a shopping trip. Choosing the right trendy tops and bottoms can help a teen look her best; but not all trends work for all body types.

This quick guide will help you know what to buy for:

  • Short legs: Look for high-cut bikini bottoms which will lengthen your leg. However, ruffles and fringe will confuse the eye and take the focus away from your short legs and onto the bikini details. Try to avoid selecting anything cut too long in the leg. Boy shorts are currently very fashionable, but they may make your legs look shorter and are best suited for taller girls.
  • Small bust: Go for a bra-style bikini tops, bandeau tops or triangle styles that will help create some cleavage. There are many padded styles available if you want to increase your cup size even more.
  • Large tummy: A tankini is an ideal choice to hide that little something extra around the middle. This style allows you to embrace the style of a bikini (the bottoms) with risking overexposing a part of your body you may not be comfortable with.
  • Long body: Low-rise bottoms were made for girls that have a long torso and long legs. Since the bottoms fall so low on the hips it creates an illusion of more length. Low-rise bottoms are also good if you want to show off a tight pair of abs.

Top Brands

Like any popular type of clothing, there are brands that specialize in teen bikinis. Some of these brands are more well-known than others, but they also provide trendy bikinis that teens love.

  • Billabong: One of the most popular swimwear brands in the country with a consistent stock of new designs. Buy online or at variety of surf shops.
  • Bikini Lab: Cute styles sold at Dillard's department stores
  • Full Tilt: Known for bikinis, wetsuits, hoodies, shorts and tanks, these skate-inspired bikinis are sold at Tilly's, as well as other mass retailers such as
  • Roxy: Girly, stylish bikinis accompanied by accessories and shoes. Find them at Roxy stores and outlets, PacSun, and Macy's.
  • Hurley: In addition to bikinis, they also offer surfing apparel, such as board shorts. Buy online or select surf shops.

Where to Shop for Trendy Teen Bikinis

Teenagers like fresh, modern styles. Try these retailers for a great selection:

  • Rue21: An online shopping website and catalog that specializes in teen fashion, especially swimwear.
  • Forever 21: The massively popular retailer offers trendy bikini styles that are very affordable for the teen budget.
  • Old Navy: Great for girls that are harder to fit, as they have a large plus size selection and bikini tops that have lots of support for those with big busts.
  • Target: In addition to stylish and affordable bikinis, they also have a wide variety of cover-ups so you can complete your look.
  • Macy's: The selection here is so wide, it may prove to be somewhat overwhelming. Get there when new styles are first put on the floor to ensure you get your proper size.

Fun in the Sun

Once you've decided on your favorite teen bikini trend, the key is to make sure that you have your desired look. Take your body into consideration before you buy because you don't want any mishaps as a result of an ill-fitting suit. The rest is all about having fun in the sun and looking great while doing so.

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Newest Trends in Teen Bikinis