Advice for Teenage Love

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Advice for teenage love can help you through difficult situations in your relationship. Find answers to some of the most common questions teens have about love.

Advice for Teenage Love Relationships

As a teen, you're just stepping into the dating scene. You may not know how to deal with crushes, ask someone out or deal with break ups. The following are taken from past comments left on relationship articles or asked of the Teen Team while they were active.

Crushes: How To Act On One

Teen Question: I have a crush on someone and the feelings are so strong. What do I do?

LTK: If you're already friends with this person, you may fear that you'll ruin the friendship by disclosing your feelings. However, you can't go on hanging out with the person when you want more from her. One of the first things you can do is determine if she has similar feelings for you. Pay attention to her body language (smiling, laughing and touching you more) especially any changes in the way she acts around you. If you suspect that your friend is crushing on you then you can either wait until she makes a move or be bold and let her know how you feel.

If you aren't friends with your crush, then it's time to make yourself known. Start by being friendly toward her by smiling and saying hello whenever you pass each other. Approach your crush when she's alone and start a conversation. When you're ready, start off the conversation with something simple like, "Hey, how's it going?" Then ask your crush a question to keep the conversation going. Think of some things you can talk about beforehand such as a test coming up, an assignment that's due or a new movie that has just come out.

Advice for Teenage Love
Answers To Your Questions

Don't create a love triangle with your best friend's boyfriend.

Your male friend's body language can signal he's crushing on you.

Break the ice by talking about school projects and events.

Fear of Rejection

Teen Question: I want to ask someone out but I'm afraid the person will reject me. What should I do?

LTK: Rejection hurts, but with time, your feelings will heal. If you don't ask this person out, you'll never know if you have a future together.

Things you can do to feel less intimidated:

  • Get to know the person better by spending more time with him or her.
  • Look for signs that your crush is interested in you, if there seems to be a mutual interest, you'll feel a bit more confident.
  • Have a mutual friend break the ice for you by asking how your crush feels about you.
  • Ask the person on a date without actually saying, "Will you go out with me?" Simply ask him or her to go to a movie with you.

Crushing On My Best Friend's Boyfriend

Teen Question: I'm in love with my best friend's boyfriend and I think he likes me, too. What should I do?

LTK: Absolutely nothing! This may be disappointing to you but your friend's boyfriend is off limits. If you pursue this person, you may ruin your friendship with your best friend. Should you get together with your friend's ex you'll be entering a new relationship already strained by the drama. All you can do is step back and let your friend and her boyfriend be happy together. If the relationship breaks up, be sure to ask your friend if it's okay to date her ex. It's the right thing to do and will preserve your friendship.

Baby Come Back

Teen Question: My boyfriend just broke up with me. How can I get him back?

LTK: The best thing you can do is give your ex a break from you. Let him know you still care yet don't be overbearing because he'll quickly become annoyed and unwilling to restart a relationship with you. You may have to accept the relationship is over. This can be difficult to accept until you realize that you can't make someone love you.

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Advice for Teenage Love