After Prom Ideas and Themes

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Teens are always looking for new and fresh after prom ideas. Whether you're planning the school's after prom party or you're looking for something to do after the big dance, a little creativity is all you need to come up with some great ideas for after the prom.

After Prom Ideas that are Better than the Prom!

Whether your after prom party is sponsored by an organization like SADD or MADD, the PTA or whether it's given by a student committee, with a little creativity, you can make sure that everyone is talking about your after prom activities. Here are a few after prom ideas that will be the talk of the school for at least a few years:

The Carnival Is in Town

You can actually rent carnival rides and attractions. For a list of vendors in your area, see Canival Amusements. The sky is the limit, but some favorites that you can rent and set up on your school grounds are bumper cars, huge inflatable slides, and defying rides.

Catch the Bungee craze

There are actually more than a few bungee activities you can rent. There's the bungee run in which you run as far as you can to get snapped back towards and inflatable wall. There's also the Eurobungee, in which you get into a harness and jump on a trampoline. You are able to jump so high that you actually feel weightlessness.

Drive In Movie?

How about setting up a giant screen and showing the latest movies in the school parking lot? Make sure that your drive in experience is complete with refreshments.

After Prom Cruise

If you live near water, an after prom cruise might be just the way to go. You can rent the boat for an alcohol free party that includes dancing and hanging out until the wee hours of the morning. Then go out to breakfast!

After Prom Party Themes

You can also plan an after prom party to go along with your theme. Many schools are starting to plan the whole thing: the dinner, the prom and then the after prom party. Keep reading for some really creative ideas on making the evening mesh together seamlessly.

Under the Sea

Did you know that most aquariums will rent out their space? Consider renting your local aquarium for an all nighter. (Check to make sure that they allow food and other planned activities.)

I Survived a Japanese Game Show

If your theme has anything to do with the land of the rising sun, think about renting giant inflatable obstacle courses. You can also get these sumo wrestling costumes for some unique entertainment.

A City Themed Prom Trip

Many schools throw proms that resemble some of the most famous cities in the world: Paris, New York, New Orleans, Las Vegas. . . Whatever your city theme is, consider sponsoring a senior trip after the prom. Participants sign up in advance, and then are surprised with a bus trip to a nearby city. Top the evening off with bowling, skating or other fun activities, then go out to breakfast in the morning.

After Prom Party Idea Sites

There are many sites to help you plan your after prom. Everything from rental ideas, to ideas on what to do, checking on one of these sites will give you a big list to consider.

The All Nighter

The All Nighter, produced by SADD--students against drunk driving. It has a slew of activities and ideas written by teens, for teens.

Carnival Lines

Carnival Lines rents various equipment to proms and after proms. Mechanical surf boards, a casino, or even inflatable obstacle courses--it's all right here.


After is a site written by a mom for other parents who are concerned about the welfare of their children. The site has some great ideas for organizing a "substance free" event.

Planning an After Prom Party

After proms can help keep kids safe and give them an alternative to drinking the night of the prom. Providing a safe and fun outlet lets teens stay up all night, have a great time, but keeps them safe as well.

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After Prom Ideas and Themes