Artists Who Influence Teenage Fashion

Performing artists start fashion trends.

There are countless artists who influence teenage fashion, but some are certainly more influential than others. If you want to rev up your wardrobe, and try something new, this is the right place to get tips to build up your star style.

About Artists Who Influence Teenage Fashion

Check out a list of popular teen singers, actresses, and actors who have great style. Get some ideas, and try the looks yourself!

Miley Cyrus

The Hannah Montana star mixes casual wear with high-voltage dresses for the red carpet.

Style Profile: Miley loves to wear brightly colored tank tops, sneakers, and v-neck tops when she's hanging out. Yet, she's also been spotted wearing brief, embellished dresses for big events.

Get the Look: Try a strapless dress with black pumps, and don't forget to wear your hair down. For a weekend look, put on a pair of star shades, and colorful items from Victoria's Secret, and Wet Seal with a trendy feel.

Hilary Duff

Singer-songwriter and actress Hilary Duff might play it safe, but she always looks great. This star dresses sweet with an edge.

Style Profile: Hilary wears oversized earrings, and boots with jeans for winter. Her summer selections often involve figure-flattering dresses in jersey, or even a daring romper.

Get the Look: For an affordable Hilary-inspired look, you can try gold or silver earrings in oversized hoops paired with a basic tank top, a strappy dress from American Apparel, and sandals. During the winter, don't be afraid to toss a wrap around the shoulders of your jacket.

Robert Pattinson

Down-to-earth Twilight star might have ditched his long locks, but he's still a style star.

Style Profile: Basic looks get a star upgrade with Pattinson's deep dark shades and British flair. When Robert dresses up, he often wears a jacket with a button-down shirt open at the neck.

Get the Look: Hunt down blazers and crew-neck shirts.


"Umbrella" singer and former Beauty queen always takes fashion risks, and uses a cutting-edge manner of dress both on and off stage.

Style Profile: Rihanna's been known to wear knee or thigh-high boots, strapless or strappy tops, and hot pants. She uses her modern, sleek hairstyle to highlight her face, while wearing complicated garments in black with bright accents.

Get the Look: Try styling yourself with shorts for summer, and wear shoes like mid-calf or knee-high gladiator sandals. Camisoles or tank tops with lingerie-inspired accents are perfect, and look great with a cropped jacket.

Ashley Tisdale

Star of High School Musical and two-album artist, Tisdale combines the unusual with the cute, and isn't afraid to mix things up.

Style Profile: Ashley Tisdale has an eclectic taste in fashion, and isn't afraid to try on a mini-skirt or two. Blessed with great gams and great skin, she often makes strapless, short dresses her signature look on the red carpet. You will often see her wearing oversized scarves with her casual wear.

Get the Look: Try prim high heels with a substantial heel for balance paired with a dress that flares out from the waist. When in doubt, wear Ray-Ban sunglasses for spring along with a pair of jeans, and your hair down.

Where to Shop for Celeb-Inspired Styles

Are there other artists who influence teenage fashion who you love? Here are some great teen shops to find celebrity-inspired styles and celebrity-favorite brands.

  • Singer22: Get celebrity-inspired looks complete with inspirational celebrity fashion pictures.
  • Kitson: This popular Los Angeles-based shop draws real-life celebrities and you can pick up their favorites online.
  • Barneys New York: Classic and well-cut pieces form the backbone of celebrity style, and Barneys New York is one of the best places to find them.
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Artists Who Influence Teenage Fashion