Athletic Apparel Options

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It's not surprising that athletic apparel has become so popular as daywear for males and females of all ages, but especially high school students. Comfortable almost to the point of being ridiculous, easy to care for and flattering for all bodies, wearing sporty wear is a trend anyone can get behind.

Athletic Apparel Takes Off

From bloomers based on cycling wear, to golfing plus-fours, to tennis-inspired mini-skirts and Flashdance-inspired ripped sweatshirts and leg warmers, athletic apparel as daywear has a long history. The tracksuit has come a long way since the straight-cut, bright blue-with-white-piping numbers that were sadly ubiquitous around the gym for decades. In the last few years, the track suit has become so very cool; it's seen all over town, leaving the track and the gym far behind.

Track Suits to Quench Your Thirst

By far the trendiest athletic apparel is the line of tracksuits made by Juicy Couture. Stylish and sexy on both guys and girls, the tracksuits come in terry, cashmere, fleece and the hugely popular velour. They sport slogans like "Wake up and Smell the Couture," and "Dude, Where's My Couture?" as well as the signature Juicy crest. Anything worn by celebrities is going to be expensive, so if you go shopping for Juicy active wear, be prepared to spend something in the range of $175.

Looking Extra Hot and Cool

Just because athletic apparel fits everyone and skims every body, that doesn't mean you can't do a bit more to get a really flattering look. Here are some suggestions to look for when shopping:

  • Corset Tops
    • Not only do they have a contoured fit that will show off your figure, but the ribbing or gathers that looks so good offers extra support as well.
  • Bottoms
    • Look at the shape of the leg, bearing in mind that boot-cut and drawstring styles will flatter most figures.
    • A wide or asymmetrical waistband can be nicely slimming.

For the guys, sports pants and sweatpants have really changed. Back in the day, all that was available were drawstring, cuff-legged sweatpants. Now, you can get bottoms with wide legs, which is very trendy, on-seam pockets and ankle zips, which look great on slim legs.

Exercising Options

As great as it is to be so comfortable, you may as well be wearing your pajamas. What if you want your athletic apparel to be useful for, you know, athletics? Whether you already play a high school sport or are thinking about trying, there are many excellent options, a number of which are not only good for a workout, but for society and the planet as well.

  • Patagonia
    • Patagonia makes the ultimate in excellent sportswear that not only looks fantastic but holds up to any activity you might want to try. You'll spend almost as much as you will on a Juicy track suit, but you'll get clothing made responsibly that will last as long as you want to wear it.
  • Livestrong
    • An athlete like Lance Armstrong is going to be serious about his clothing line, and while the gear you buy at the Livestrong store isn't exactly trendy, it is rugged sportswear for a serious workout. Even better, your money goes towards the Lance Armstrong Foundation, which tackles cancer through education and research programs. Fighting cancer is always fashionable.
  • Nau
    • Nau's outdoor wear blends a great look with performance and sustainability, and the company is also committed to philanthropy and the greening of the planet. You can do more than buy their clothes; you can also get involved with a variety of causes.
  • Gaiam
    • The Gaiam line is just for the girls. Gaiam's clothing is not only beautiful and comfortable, it is good for you and the planet. Gaiam's clothing motto is "dress for the planet's success," and they adhere to that motto by using organic and earth-friendly fabrics and no synthetic chemicals. They've recently started a line of athletic apparel made of what they call ActiveSoy. As you might guess, the fabric is a combination of cotton and soybean oil. They make hoodies, track pants and track jackets.

Perfect for Almost Every Day

While a sharp athletic outfit works for most occasions, it's too casual for days when you want to make a really good impression. Otherwise, it's a great look, especially if it inspires you to be as sporty as you appear!

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Athletic Apparel Options