Babysitting Timekeeping Software

Keeping track of babysitting requires help!

A great babysitting timekeeping software can help keep your part-time job in check. Not only does it help you make sure that you're not spending too much time working and not enough time on your schoolwork, but it also makes sure that you're getting paid for the work that you do. Since much of babysitting is off-the-books (meaning there is no official way to document it), babysitting timekeeping software can help set you apart from your peers as both more professional and more dedicated to what you do compared to other babysitters who don't use tracking software.

Timekeeping for Babysitters

Keeping track of your hours is easier than you might think with timekeeping software and programs like:

  • Excel: While it isn't the most sophisticated method, a simple spreadsheet in Excel highlighting what days you worked, when and how many hours will frequently do just what you need it to do.
  • Procare: More often used for daycare services, Procare has a free demo that can suit your purposes. The program makes it easy to track all of the important information you're looking for like who you sat for, when and any notes you might have about each client. You can even use their accounting program suite to help make sure you are collecting all of the money that is owed to you for your work!
  • Timesheet Lite: A simple timesheet program, Timesheet Lite is an easy and hassle free way to look professional.
  • Babysitter 5.0: This handy software can help you keep track of everything on an advanced level. Have a client whose son is allergic to peanuts? You can use this time tracking software to help you remember that if you plan to sit for him again!

Why Keep Time?

It can seem a little bit foolish why you would keep time as a babysitter. After all, you're only in your teens and your clients know how long you work. Why bother keeping track of it? A few reasons why you might want to give the clock another consideration include:

  • Professionalism: Getting an early start on looking professional cannot only help appearances; it can help your fledgling business. For example, if you know a particular child is difficult to watch, you have a log of hours you have watched them that you can use as a negotiation tool with the child's parents to earn more money per hour for your work the next time. You can even try to make more per hour based on your experience!
  • Taxes: While the idea of filing taxes might seem foreign to you, some teens actually make enough money from babysitting that they should be filling taxes! Timekeeping software can make tax time easier if that applies to you, and it can help make what you do seem more real.
  • Organization: Much like keeping a planner in school, babysitting timekeeping software or applications can help you keep track of what you have done and what you will do. This can help you from booking a babysitting event the same night as something else (like prom) or burning out too quickly.
  • Accolades and Resumes: While heading off to college or creating a resume might seem like a world away, doing something as simple as keeping track of your hours now can make the time when you need to know how many hours you spent babysitting much easier. For example, it looks much better to say that you babysat for 850+ hours versus just saying you babysat as a part-time job through high

Tracking Pays Off

While it might seem like you are just making money and don't need to keep track of your hours, you'll likely be thankful later on if you keep track now. Simple software is out there to help make it that much easier on you. So what are you waiting for? Download a program or start a spreadsheet to begin tracking your hours now and never again forget whom you sat for or when!

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Babysitting Timekeeping Software