Bracelet Corsages for Prom

Updated November 13, 2018
bracelet corsage for prom

Wearing a bracelet corsage for prom is a popular tradition and the most common way for girls to wear a corsage with today's trends. Whether you receive your corsage as a gift from your date or decide to make a homemade version yourself, a wrist or bracelet corsage adds elegance and beauty as the final touch to your prom dress.

Making Your Own Prom Flower Bracelet

If you are going to prom with a group of friends or are feeling crafty, consider making your own bracelet corsage for prom. You can add your own fun touches to give your corsage a personal touch.

pink corsage

Things You'll Need

Gather the following supplies to make your bracelet corsage:

  • Three large-blossomed fresh flowers, such as carnations, roses, or orchids
  • Smaller fresh flowers, berries, and greenery
  • Pearls, and other fun embellishments
  • Corsage wrist band, such as this option from Factory Direct Craft
  • Ribbons in different widths for decoration
  • Scissors
  • Green floral tape
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

What to Do

  1. Choose the largest two blooms you have and cut the stems to be about one inch long. Remove any outer petals that might not be as pretty as you like.
  2. Place the flowers end-to-end. Wrap the stems together with floral tape.
  3. Use floral tape to secure the two wrapped flowers to the wrist band.
  4. Cut smaller flowers, berries, and greenery and add these behind and around the two flowers, wrapping the stems in floral tape to secure them.
  5. Cut the third large flower so the stem is only about 1/4 inch long. Use hot glue to affix it in the middle of the corsage.
  6. Use more hot glue to add pearls, rhinestones, and trailing ribbons.

Tips for a Personalized Wrist Corsage

It's especially fun to really ustomize your bracelet corsage for prom or another special event. Try some of these ideas:

  • Use glitter spray to give your corsage some all-over sparkle.
  • Use hot glue to add tiny gems to the center of each flower.
  • Go for a super sleek look with calla lilies and only one or two ribbons.
  • Keep everything all one color for a cohesive look.
  • Choose non-traditional blooms like pansies or mini sunflowers.

Take a Test Run

It's a good idea to do a test run of your corsage before working on the final version. Buy some extra flowers and accessories and make sure you have enough tools to pre-make the design. You'll probably want to assemble it the day before prom and keep it in the refrigerator to stay fresh.

Choosing Flowers for Your Corsage

The flowers you choose for your corsage will have a huge impact on its overall look. Whether you're choosing for yourself or giving the corsage as a prom night gift to someone else, keep these factors in mind.

Match the Dress

The corsage can't clash with the dress of the person who is wearing it. You should either choose a color of bloom that matches or is neutral. Neutral options include white or ivory, as well as green. If you're choosing the flowers for someone else, ask about her dress color before you decide what to buy.

Think About the Meaning of Flowers

Consider picking special flowers and meaningful colors for your corsage. If you're getting a corsage for your date, you can request what you want from the florist. Each flower has a different meaning that can be incorporated. Try these guidelines for deciding what to choose:

  • Red rose - love and passion
  • White rose - innocence
  • Yellow rose - friendship
  • Pink rose - admiration and sweetness
  • Purple rose - love at first sight
  • Carnations - affection and love
  • Baby's breath - everlasting love
  • Orchids - love and beauty
white corsage

Purchasing Your Bracelet Corsage for Prom

If you decide to buy a bracelet corsage, Teleflora and Amazon Flowers sell a wide array of prom flowers and will give you a personalized gift message to go along with the gift. Your local florist is also a good bet for making a personal selection and for discussing the flowers-whether you are buying a ready-made corsage or assembling your own.

Inspiration for Prom Corsage Bracelets

Need a little more inspiration before you create your corsage? Consider one of these lovely styles.

Single-Color Loveliness

Use flowers in all one color to give your corsage bracelet a modern look. The pop of color is beautiful with a neutral-toned prom dress or with a gown that matches the shade of flowers you use. Try purple pansies or another really vibrant bloom.

Prom corsage bracelets single-color

Soft and Simple

Your corsage doesn't need to be huge or make a big statement. Stick with a few pastel rose buds and some baby's breath to give your corsage a delicate, feminine look. This is perfect with a romantic lace dress or something with flowing chiffon.

Soft and Simple Corsage

Extra Bling

Whether your dress is simple or makes a glittering statement on its own, you can add even more bling with your corsage. Add rhinestones to the flower itself, as well as sparkling accents to the band, ribbons, and anywhere else you like.

Corsage with Extra Bling

Go Big

One gigantic bloom can make an awesome style statement. Choose a big flower like a hibiscus and make it the centerpiece of your corsage. You can pick a pale or neutral tone or go for a giant pop of color. Either way, it's a beautiful focal point.

Girl with a big corsage

Subtle Accent Colors

You can incorporate color in a subtle way by keeping the main blooms neutral and adding smaller pops of color. Try large white roses with red berries or purple baby grape hyacinth. The tiny bit of color looks sophisticated if it matches the dress.

Subtle Accent Colors

The Final Piece of the Puzzle

If you're a girl, you've probably spent days searching for the perfect dress, shoes, and coordinating bag. Make sure your corsage also gets attention before heading to the dance. As an accessory, your bracelet corsage for prom should coordinate with your dress colors. Ask your date if he is planning to get your corsage and let him know the color of your dress. Guys often need help in the area of choosing colors, so give him a clear idea of what will match up nicely.

Bracelet Corsages for Prom