Stylish Camouflage Clothing Ideas

Camouflage Clothing

Camouflage clothing is definitely not just for hunters or army personnel. This pattern also represents a fashion statement in everything from tank tops to pajama pants. Whether you're wearing camo around the house or at the beach, in today's fashion scene, it's a must for every casual teen wardrobe.

Wearing Camouflage

As with most patterns, you don't want to overdo it. The best way to wear camouflage clothing is to focus on one piece at a time. Pair a camo shirt with black pants or camouflage pants with a grey sweatshirt. Even though it's available in such diverse designs, camo is still best saved for only casual occasions. You can buy camouflage clothing at the following stores, many with both physical and online shops:

Major Department Stores - These include places like JCPenney, Sears, Kohl's, Walmart, Target, and the like. All of these stores carry the recent trends, including camouflage clothing. You can combine any number of separates from these stores to create a really smart outfit.

Sporting Good Stores - These stores are great places for getting more traditional camouflage clothing, such as items in brown and green and made of a more durable material.

Stylish Camouflage Clothing

Casual camouflage clothing comes in both male and female styles. Fashionable camo is available in a variety of colors, from the traditional greens and browns to more vibrant pinks, blues, and oranges.

While camouflage clothing for teens used to be confined to a grunge type of style, it's now moved past that to be acceptable in every teen's wardrobe. No matter if they're dressing in an emo style and pairing it with a hoodie or wearing the latest trends and pairing it with a cute pair of jeggings, camo can add a little casual fun to any teen's look. Just about every article of clothing and many accessories are available in a camouflage print, including these popular items:

  • Pants - These can be the basic cargo pants that are taken straight from a military uniform and in either green or brown, or they can be a colorful camouflage print on a pair of jeans, capris, skinny jeans, or even jeggings.
  • T-shirts - While a camo tee immediately makes you think of pairing it up with a pair or cargos, it can go with any number of different styles of pants and even a few casual skirts. Teens typically wear tees in baggier styles or very tight cuts.
  • Tank Tops - You can wear camo-patterned tanks in a variety of different ways. They're layered, worn alone, or even worn as sleep shirts. No matter how you wear it, a camo tank would be acceptable.
  • Jackets - Like with camouflage pants, you'll find jackets in any number of styles and color choices. They can be in a heavyweight material and in green or brown like the traditional flak jackets, or you can change things up with a hoodie in a vibrantly-colored camouflage print.
  • Flip-Flops - These sandals aren't reserved for beachwear anymore. Teens wear flip-flops year-round, and this type of footwear is a great way to show off a camouflage style. You can find camo flip-flops in just about any color. They can be completely decorated or very basic, and you can wear them with any outfit, not just camouflage clothing.
  • Purses - The perfect way to accentuate any outfit is with a purse. No matter what style of casual outfit you choose, you can pair it with a camo purse to give it a cool edge.

New Definition of Camouflage Clothing

While camouflage clothing used to be a rebellious style statement, most teens now see it as a popular and versatile print. In addition to the many camo style choices on the market, teens will appreciate the practical applications of traditional camo colors and pieces.

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Stylish Camouflage Clothing Ideas