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growing up

Articles on the Problems Kids Face Today Growing Up

Your body and mind is still growing up even during the teen years. While you may not be able to measure your changes only on a growth chart, the time from 11 to 19 is a period of rapid and significant growth at all levels.

Growing Up Bodies

You may be confused about the changes both inside and outside your body. It may be a little scary and exciting, but certainly quite overpowering. As a teen, your sense of privacy is heightened and it may feel uncomfortable to talk over these adjustments with parents, doctors, or even friends. Although major issues should always be brought to an adult's attention, often many growing up questions can be answered by reading. Whether it is the articles here at LoveToKnow, or books and magazines, the ability to do a little research into your physical experiences will help you eliminate many concerns and frustrations.

Growing Up Minds

The growing up brain is another part of your body, but we often think of it as separate. Not only does it control the rest of your physical being, the brain also undergoes its own changes and development. The teen years are known to be some of the finalizing stages of emotional and mental development. As the brain transforms itself into an adult, this turmoil can be quite intense and overwhelming for any teen. If you find yourself unable to cope, get help immediately. For some friendly advice and tips, please enjoy our Teen articles here at LoveToKnow.

Growing Up