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Teen Slang Words and Phrases: Decoding Guide for Adults

Teen Slang Words and Phrases: Decoding Guide for Adults

Each generation of teens has unique slang terms and catchphrases. If you are a parent of a teen or you are around teens, then you'd probably love a guide to what those teen words mean. Not only will this help… Keep reading »

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Life as a teen can be filled with its ups and downs. During this time you are just beginning to explore who you are and what types of relationships work best for you. Your interests and passions may begin to develop and your need to forge your own path will typically take hold shortly following puberty.

Teen Growth and Development

Brain and body developments skyrocket during adolescence. Although your frontal lobe doesn't fully develop until you are closer to 25, your brain development begins to look much more like an adults'. This means that you are able to think better in abstract and critical thinking terms, and explore moral and philosophical topics with much more ease and interest. Once puberty begins, your body begins to look more like an adults' and you may notice more strength, coordination, and stamina as well.

Common Relationship Problems

Many teens experience issues related to bullying and family conflict during their adolescence. Because teens may begin to explore the themes of power, agency, status, and control during this time, the foundation for at least one bullying encounter can be high. If you ever experience bullying, keep in mind that you aren't alone, and it's important to let a trusted adult know what's going on. You don't deserve to be treated poorly, and there are tons of helpful resources available to you even if you want to remain anonymous.

Family Conflict

It is totally normal to feel the urge to break away from your parent or parents during this time. Adolescence is a time to explore who you are and begin to enter into the realm of adulthood. It is part of the normal adolescent developmental process to seek out ways to become more independent and to push back or question your parents' rules. To maintain healthy family relationships, try having open and honest conversations with your parent or parents if you are comfortable doing so. This may garner a less reactive response than pure rebellion with total disregard for the household rules.

Developing Strength and Resiliency

Growing into a resilient adult can be tricky. Try to reframe challenging situations and set yourself up for success. Although you may encounter moments where you doubt yourself, try to get into the good habit of becoming your own biggest supporter. It's such an important skill to take into adulthood and can make the difficulties you will encounter as an adult a bit less stressful.

Understanding Teen Development

During adolescence you are growing at an accelerated rate both mentally and physically. These changes can be challenging to go through and can impact your mental health and relationships. Prioritize taking good care of yourself, maintaining healthy relationships, and reaching out for help if you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed during this time.

Teen Topics About Growing Up