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Article Highlight: Creative Social Skills Activities for Teens and Tweens

Help prepare young adults for life after middle or high school with social skills activities for teens. Teenagers learn social skills from real-life experiences, so look for ways to make the activities relevant… Keep reading »

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Surviving the variety of relationships during the teen years takes trial and error mixed with some real-world advice. Learning how to get along is one of the main stepping stones of development during this time of major hormones and transitions. No longer are the days of taking turns and sharing toys. Teen relationships deal with some very adult issues and require a delicate tightrope act. While we all have to fall flat on our face every once in a while, let this LoveToKnow category help you avoid some common teen relationship pitfalls.

Love Relationships

Young Love is certainly in the air around teen relationships. With confusing emotions and hormones, it can be difficult to determine between love and lust. Then, there is the pressure to have the perfect girlfriend or boyfriend. What exactly is the teen to do? Desires run strong and intense during these years, learn some tips to help you remain calm and composed!


No longer the baby, toddler or grade-schooler: the teen is another emerging adult in the family. Understanding and managing this time of changeover from youth to adult is certainly challenging for all involved. Ultimately, the only solution is to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and get with the groove! Of course, our articles on staying safe and maintaining family relationships should help too.


In the end, the most important group to teens is their peers. While they may not have shaped who they are, peer pressure certainly will shape their actions. Teens don't want to be too different or called out by friends. Deep down they really just want to be liked and accepted. Learning who to trust and which situations to avoid will help teens navigate these intermingling relationships.

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