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Social Media Effects on Teens: The Positives and Negatives 

Social Media Effects on Teens: The Positives and Negatives 

Whether they are sending snaps, writing tweets or watching reels, most teens spend hours each day on social media. While you might only think of the negative effects that social media can have on teens, there… Keep reading »

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If you are looking for answers on teen health issues, you've come to the right place. You'll find informative articles written by people who have faced many of the same problems when they were teens.

Weight Problems

One of the most pressing teen health issues is body weight. Are you overweight or too skinny? Should you diet or eat a variety of foods for a balanced diet? We also address health issues such fad diets and eating disorders and how they affect a growing body.

Depression and Self-Esteem

Becoming a young adult is sometimes a difficult journey. Read expert interviews written on how to boost self-esteem. Learn about depression and ways to get help if you need it. Find out how to help others who may be entertaining suicidal thoughts.

Drug Abuse

For many teens, drug use is both recreational and a form of escapism. Using drugs can make people feel confident or help them forget their problems. Learn about the effects of drugs on a growing body and the reasons why you should avoid them.


Growing up also means that many changes will take place in the body. Find informative articles on puberty for boys and girls, as well as safe sex practices for teens.

Teen Fashion

Finding your own sense of style as a teenager can be difficult. Watch some of our fashion slideshows for ideas or read some of the articles on different places you can shop for the latest in teen fashion.

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Find articles on the topics you need to know about written exclusively for teens. LoveToKnow has the answers to some of the tough problems that many teenagers face today.

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