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Article Highlight: Determining Hourly Babysitting Rate for Teens

If you are a teenager who wants to work as a babysitter, you'll need to determine your hourly babysitting rate. This job is an important responsibility, so take some time before you start babysitting to set up… Keep reading »

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Teen working at a construction site.

Teen jobs are a great way to learn new skills, earn money, and prove you are a responsible young adult. Many teens like to work at part-time jobs in order to earn money for things they would like to have, such as a laptop computer, clothing or game players. Use our helpful articles find teen jobs, prepare for interviews, and dress for success.

Summer Jobs

Many teens get their first jobs while working during the summer. Favorite summer jobs include working at the pool, retail stores and restaurants. A summer job can help you earn money for that car you have your eye on, as well as pay for college tuition. Teen jobs can help you discover what you are best at and help you learn new skills you may use at future jobs.

Job Applications

A good first impression can help you land that interview. Usually the first thing a potential employer will see is your application. Our teen jobs articles will give you tips and tricks on filling out job applications. We also will give you information that helps you prepare for that first important interview with a potential employer.

Career Planning

Those first few teen jobs you work at can lay the foundation for your future career. Choosing the right job can help you create a resume that will land you those future jobs. Our articles can help you discover what your strengths and skills are so you can get your career off to a great start!

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Our talented writers have written the Teen Jobs articles exclusively for you. From grocery jobs to part-time jobs, we've covered it all. Find all of the information you need to apply, interview and get the job of your dreams!

Teen Jobs and Career Planning