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Article Highlight: A Teen's Guide to Starting High School

Starting high school can seem like both a wonderful and scary thing at the same time. You're getting older and more mature, but also heading to a new, much bigger school with different expectations and dynamics.… Keep reading »

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Teens and School

Teens and school life is basic synergy. Whether it is struggles with math, homework, or the social structure, teens are intricately involved in school. A mini society all its own, the school campus is a model of the real world. Although, tagged with quite a bit more drama!

Middle School

The tweens and preteens life begins in middle school or junior high, depending on your individual school district. Although preteen physical changes actually begin for many kids in grade school, the actual elementary school environment tends to coddle and protect. The real struggles usually don't develop until the mass changes found in the middle schools.

Whether it is forcing adult decisions down our preteens throats, like college, career, and family issues, or the media exposure to grown up issues on young teens, life in middle school has become even more challenging. A time of heightened hormones and responsibility, middle school has problems all on its own.

High School

The final growth to adulthood occurs in high school. Whether it is private, public, or home school, these are critical years in a teens development. Learning how to negotiate with teachers, complete homework on time, and maintain your social status are all crucial steps in becoming a successful adult. No matter what you ultimate goals are, make high school your training ground for future accomplishment.

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Our team of writers has tried to narrow it down to the core issues teens and schools face. Let our experts walk you through problems and solutions within your life at school. With input from writers who are parents, teachers, and recent teens, you are sure to hit on some hot tips!

Teens and School