Characteristics of a Good Friend

What makes a good friend?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to peg down the characteristics of a good friend. Friendship isn't always easy and sometimes the best thing one friend can do for another is an unpopular decision. Other times, a good friend seems to be anyone who is fun. While friendship might not be simple, there are a few characteristics of a good friend that every teen should keep in mind.

How Friendship Can Be Difficult

In high school, friends matter a lot. It seems like the best friends are the ones who are always interested in having a good time. However, that's not all that friendship is about. Sometimes a friend has to make difficult choices, such as taking the car keys from a friend who has been drinking and plans on driving. It can also be difficult to be someone's friend when he or she is going through a hard time (such as a death in the family) and a good friend doesn't know exactly what he or she should do.

Friendships can also go through rough patches. Fights, falling outs and jealousy can all make a seemingly great friendship seem like it is over. Boys can complicate the picture even more at times. For example, a friendship can be strained when one friend gets a boyfriend and starts spending all of her time with him, rather than with friends.

The Bright Side

Friendship can also be the brightest part in one's life. Having someone that you get along with and have similar interest with can fill the day. A friend who will go to the movies with you or come over to talk can be exciting. For teen girls, it can be great to have a friend to talk to about boys or do each others makeup. For teen boys, it can be exciting to have a friend come over to watch the big game or work on the car with.

Friends can also provide fulfillment on a deeper level. Connecting with another human on a personal level can make a person happier overall.

Characteristics of a Good Friend

What makes a good friend? A few characteristics of a good friend include:

  • Similar interests, activities and passions
  • A good communicator
  • Honest, even when it is difficult to do so
  • Someone that you can rely on, whether it is a good day or a bad one
  • Someone who will be a shoulder to cry on when things are going bad
  • Someone who will be jumping for joy with you when things are going well
  • A partner in crime
  • Someone who looks out for the best interest of their friends
  • Someone who will encourage friends to live their dreams
  • Helpful
  • Both a giver and a taker
  • Thoughtful
  • Respectful of other friend's opinions
  • A listener
  • Someone who is not jealous of everything that their friend does
  • Someone who understands the friendship they have with their friends and values it
  • Someone who as similar values to their friends
  • Someone who is not critical and will not drag their friends down

Overall, a good friend is someone who is always willing to be there for you no matter what. A good friend is also someone you don't get bored of because of all the similar interests you share. Of course, that is not to say someone isn't a good friend if you want to spend some time away from him or her. Everyone needs their own time at different points. A good friend is someone who will both understand and respect this. A good friend will also need time of his or her own but will always come back to friends in the end.

Final Word

While there are certain characteristics that can make for good friends, your friends are probably the best people to ask about friendship. They can let you know if you are a good friend to them and, if not, ways that you can improve. Talking to your friends about friendship can be a great way to improve your relationship with them.

Characteristics of a Good Friend