Cool Teen Gifts

Cool Teen Gifts

Impress the teenager you are buying for with one of these cool teen gifts. The following presents will make a teen smile and even squeal in delight.

Capture a Moment with a Photo

Teenagers love to take pictures of themselves, their friends and places they visit. Buy your teen a digital camera and a memory card so he or she can take hundreds of photos without having to worry about film.

The Convenience of Netbooks

Netbooks are just like laptops, but much smaller. You can take a netbook just about anywhere because it fits into a backpack or even some purses. This is ideal for a teen who likes to play computer games, surf the Internet or write away from home.

Splurge With a Shopping Spree

Let the teen loose in his or her favorite store! If you're worried about how much he or she will spend, set a limit.

Concert Tickets for Two

Many teens love going to concerts and they are even more fun with a friend. Buy a concert ticket for the teen and one for a friend to go along.

Give the Gift of Gab

Teenagers love to talk and cell phones encourage that. Give your teen a cell phone and you will see how happy he or she will be with it.

Teenagers and Driving

One of the highlights of being a teenager is learning how to drive and getting your driver's license. You can make this highlight even better by giving him or her a car!

Personal Television

Teens enjoy spending time alone from time to time, this is why the teenager you are buying for will leap for joy if you buy him or her a TV for a bedroom or other room the teen spends time in.

Let the Teen Choose a Trip

Does the teenager you are buying for ever talk about wanting to take a trip somewhere? Why not make that wish a reality by planning the trip!?

Video Game Console

Teens love to play video games, so if yours doesn't have one yet, consider buying one now. If he or she already has one, consider buying games or accessories for it.

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Cool Teen Gifts