Creative Ways to Ask Someone to Homecoming


Are you interested in creative ways to ask someone to homecoming? As one of the biggest events of the year in high school, it happens every year. However, some creative ways to ask someone to homecoming can spice up the proposal into something memorable, not overdone!

What Is Homecoming?

While not as popular of an event as prom, homecoming is usually a fall event. It focuses on the school's big team (usually the football team) playing one of the first or last games at their home field. The event is also a time where former alumni, parents and family are welcomed to come visit and be involved in the school. Of course, there is also a large dance banquet that is a part of the homecoming event. The dance is often the most exciting part of homecoming for most high school students.

A Few Creative Ways to Ask Someone to Homecoming

Are you looking for a few off the wall ways to ask someone to homecoming? Consider asking your date out using one of these suggestions:

  • Set up a treasure hunt. Put a note in the person of interest's locker for him/her to be at a certain place at a particular time. At that location, leave another clue to where he/she needs to go next. Continue this until you are pleased. Have the last note ask if he/she will go with you to homecoming. Hide somewhere close where you can come out when you see the person reading the note.
  • If you know where the person lives, use colored chalks to sketch the question on the sidewalk or driveway. Ask the person's parents before you do something like this so they won't be upset.
  • Make a mix CD. Behind the CD, put a note asking if he/she would like to go to homecoming with you.
  • If you are the bold type, consider singing out your desire for a homecoming date to your potential date in a public place. Be sure that he/she is not too shy before you go about it.
  • If the person is of driving age, leave a note on the windshield of his/her car.
  • You can buy a box of chocolates and use icing to spell out your question. You can also bake a batch of cookies or a cake that can have the same effect.
  • During lunch hour, get your potential date a drink. Place a straw in the drink with a little flag. On the flag, write something that asks the question "Will you go with me to homecoming?" but in a unique way, like "Homecoming + you + me= :)?"
  • If you live by a body of water, such as a lake, you can float a little boat with the message and have the boat float up next to the person. Not near any body of water? You could use a remote control car during homeroom.
  • Consider writing a poem.
  • If you are still too shy to ask your date in person, you could mail the person a handmade card. If you don't want to actually mail it, you can place it on his/her front porch.
  • Stuffed animals are always a great idea for a guy or a girl. Everyone loves having something cuddly to hold on to. Go to the dollar store and buy three small stuffed animals. Each day, leave one of the animals. On the last stuffed animal, write a note that says "Hope you're stuffed up enough with happiness to go to homecoming with me."

One More Way to Ask Someone to Homecoming

When all is said and done, awesome ways of asking someone out are nice but it's the actual fact that someone is being asked out that matters. If you can't find a creative idea that you actually like or that you think can work, don't worry. Just go ahead and ask your potential date out and see what he/she says. The worst thing that can happen is that the person says no.

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Creative Ways to Ask Someone to Homecoming