Creative Ways to Ask a Girl to Prom

Young man and his prom date

Prom is on the horizon, and you've decided which girl you want to ask to be your date. You can go with the time honored standard, "Do you want to go to the prom with me?" Or, you can try something more imaginative to wow her into saying, "Yes!"

Be Creative When You Ask a Girl to Prom

Capture your dream date's attention in a way that makes you stand out from the other guys who may also ask her to prom. Your "ask" is either going to put you in the running or cut you from the pack, so you want to give it your best shot.

Place a Personal Ad

A well-written personal ad just might help you win your way into a girl's heart, but there is a catch. Just use first names so your classmates can't embarrass the two of you if she says no.

For example:

Personal Ad
  • Write an ad like, "Celia, I'd love it if you would be my date for the prom. Say yes, and make my dreams come true ~ Jay".
  • Deliver the paper personally when her friends aren't around. Circle your ad, and tell her you just read something interesting you want to share.
  • Make sure you look your best when you deliver the ad. It will help your case.

The Windshield Approach

If you're not afraid to put your heart on public display, try writing your invitation on your car's rear windshield with white shoe polish.

For example:

  • Write, "Julie, you make my heart race. Will you be my date for prom?"
  • Offer to give her a ride home from school, but ask her to bring her book bag around to the trunk so she sees your clever invitation.
  • If she doesn't immediately decide to take the bus instead, mission accomplished!

Say It With Chocolate

Buy one of those big Hershey's Kisses, and print your invite on a strip of paper inserted into the foil at the top.

You could:

  • Hershey's Kisses
    Write something like, "Karen, I'd kiss the ground you walk on if you'd go with me to prom~ David".
  • Place it on the walk that leads to her door and ring the doorbell.
  • Point to her strategically-placed package and ask her to open it.

Stuffed Animals

Tuck a note into an adorable stuffed animal.

For example:

  • Give her a rabbit with the a note that says, "Jenny, Nobunny else will do. Will you go to the prom with me?~ Mike".
  • Give her a Teddy bear with a note that says, "I couldn't bear it if you went to prom with anyone else~ Joe".
  • Try giving her a cute, yellow chick with a note that says, "Carrie, I've always thought you were eggstra special. Will you be my prom date?~ Jack".
  • She'll find it hard to resist a cuddly lamb and a note that says, "Will ewe go to the prom with me?"

The Remote Approach

If your potential date has a great sense of humor, you can really grab her attention with this one.

  • Remote Control Car with Card
    Write something clever on a card like, "Is there a remote chance you'll go to the prom with me?~ David".
  • Seal it in an envelope with her name clearly written on it.
  • Tape it to the top of a remote control car.
  • Get to school early when she's hanging out at her locker, and try to stay back out of direct view.
  • Send the car over to her, and watch her open your card.

Decorate Her Locker

If you're reasonably sure she won't turn you down, go to school early and create a surprise she'll never forget.

  • Decorate her locker with streamers.
  • Use shoe polish to write, "Look inside!"
  • Slide a sweet card inside the locker, and write a note inside of it asking her to the prom.

Ask Her With a Poem

You don't have to be Shakespeare. Just come up with a few cute rhymes to help you get the job done.

Try something like this:

Rose are red,
Violets are blue.
I'd sure love to go
To the prom with you.

If you say no,
My heart will be broken.
"Yes" is the only word
I hope to hear spoken.

Put It on the Board

Find out what her first period class is, and ask the teacher if you could use the chalkboard or smart board.

  • Chalkboard message
    Write something cute like, "Kelsey, I'll be totally "board" if I don't go to prom with you. Please say yes. ~ Ken."
  • Doodle a few hearts and flowers around your invitation to make it look attractive.
  • Arrange with a friend ahead of time to make sure she sees the board before class begins so you can be there to get her response.

Make a Puzzle

Here's a fun invitation that will make your potential date work a little.

  • Write on a piece of cardstock, "Will you go to the prom with me?"
  • Cut up the card into puzzle shapes.
  • Place them in an envelope, and give them to your girl.

Create a Web Page

People create web pages for everything these days, so why not create a page to ask your potential date to the prom? When she sees how much work you put into it, she's bound to be impressed.

  • Web Page
    Get a computer geek friend to help you if you don't have any web-building skills yourself, or simply create a special Facebook page.
  • Post your best photo, add a clever verse to ask her with, or create a humorous "top ten" list of reasons why she should go to prom with you.
  • Send her the URL to the webpage via Facebook or email. If you don't use Facebook, make sure your page has a contact link so she can send you her reply.

A Little Advice

However you decide to ask a girl to the prom, make sure the method you choose feels comfortable to you. If you feel awkward, she's going to pick up on it right away. Be confident, not cocky, and don't wait until the last minute to ask her. The surest way to make her turn you down is to make her feel like she was your second choice.


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Creative Ways to Ask a Girl to Prom