Current Event Resources for Teens

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Today's high technology makes current events for teens more accessible than ever before. Find out about everything from teen weight loss, to statistics on peer pressure. If you're a teen who likes to stay posted on what's going on in the world, there are many options available.

News Networks

The most common source for current events may still be traditional sources such as newspapers and news networks. There are many different programs to choose from with the advance in cable broadcasting and students often view news on different channels to get the full scope of what is going on in the world. Many schools even offer viewing of these programs as part of the curriculum and a way to stay up on current news in the world. Missed out on a newscast you really wanted to see while out? Not a problem, since many news networks now have websites with video streaming of popular programs. You can now watch the newscast on your own time. Or, if you have a cable or satellite television service with DVR capabilities, you can record you favorite current events show and watch at a later time.

Internet Current Events for Teens

MySpace, Facebook and LiveJournal are just a few of the popular hangouts for teens. Most of these sites offer current events on topics such as happenings in the area, local band news, what's going on with celebrities and what's happening around the world. Some of the best current events for teen's sites include:

  • Belief Net Talk is a place where teens can discuss their views on today's current events and get the views of other teens as well.
  • NewsCrew gives teens a place to debate with one another about what is going on in the world.
  • Channel 1 is a news site aimed at young adults. It offers video streaming and other edgy features that today's teens will enjoy. This isn't your father's news!
  • PBS News Hour Extra has articles for students on current events. There is also a place where students can sound off and add their own input about current happenings.

Many libraries and local newspapers also have special pages on their websites geared for teens, so check in your locale.

Cell Phone Updates

Anyone who spends any time with today's teens, knows that the new generation is technology savvy. A parent may take days to figure out a new electronic gadget, while their teen is working the electronic within minutes. There are few teens today that don't have a cell phone. Many of these phones now have Internet access and text messaging. Teens stay posted on current events in the world through text messages, Internet news feeds and web browsing via their telephone. You can even receive weather updates!


With the popularity of MP3 players and MP3 capabilities in many cell phones, podcasts are growing in popularity almost daily. Get podcasts from many of the news networks, such as:

You can also stream podcasts on your computer and listen while answering email or doing other tasks.

Radio Stations

Once teens hit driving age, there are many radio station options now available for staying posted on current news. Not only can teens get local and national news, but updates on the music world and teen events. Have a special area of interest, such as Christian rock bands? There is likely a station out there that offers the latest news on Skillet and Toby Mac. With the invention of satellite radio, the options are wider than ever. For a small monthly subscription fee, just about any topic you want to know more about is available through your radio. Many stereos also offer MP3 connectivity now as well. You could potentially download a news podcast to your iPod or other MP3 player and listen to it on the way to school or your part-time job.

There are many options for staying posted on what's going on in the world. With the technologies available, you're sure to impress your teachers and friends with your knowledge of current events.

Current Event Resources for Teens