Where to Find Depressed Teenage Poems

Writing poetry can help with depression

Writing or reading depressed teenage poems is one way to sort out negative feelings. If you are a teen who struggles and wonders if you're alone, reading the thoughts of other teens can help you realize that everyone goes through down times.

Finding Depressed Teenage Poems

With the ups and downs of being a teenager, sometimes the best outlet for emotions is to express it in poetry. Poems are often based on pure emotion and are a way to express the words you can't say out loud. Some teens might write poetry after a break up or major loss. The teen years can be an eye-opening time as you say goodbye to the innocence of childhood and realize some of the harder facts of life.

Individual's Poems

As a teenager, you'll be able to relate to some of the following poems:

Poetry Collections

Here are some websites that feature depressed teenage poems:

Books of Poetry

Writing Your Own Poems

If you want to write your own poetry, here are some tips:

  • Be Creative: There is no wrong way to write poems. While some teens prefer to use rhyming verse or a more structured style like a haiku, others like to have a free flow of thought.
  • Share Wisely: Just because you write a poem doesn't mean you are obligated to show it to anyone else. Many poems are private and personal, so think twice before publishing a poem online or giving it to someone else to read. Make sure you are comfortable with it being passed around.
  • Take Breaks: If you notice that you feel even more depressed after writing or reading sad poems, consider taking a break or reading something more uplifting. At some point you should do things that make you feel good again.

What to Do if You Are Depressed

While moments of sadness or trouble happen to everyone at times, make sure you are not suffering from a more serious problem. Cases of depression can be anywhere from mild to severe, causing a person to withdraw or feel hopeless. If you think you might need help for depression, it's important to take action before it gets worse. Most cases of depression can be successfully treated, so remember that you have options.

Treat Depression with Poetry

Teens who can write out or express their feelings can help to release the strong, negative emotions and will find it easier to talk about their problems. Getting into that quiet space where writing can happen can be very therapeutic, especially if you write poems during those moments when you need help the most. Keep in mind that writing poetry is not a replacement for getting therapy or professional help.

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Where to Find Depressed Teenage Poems