Design Your Own Clothes Online

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If you love fashion and want to design your own clothes online, there are some great ways to get your creative juices flowing. All you need to start is a little imagination and soon you'll have custom t-shirts, bags, dresses, and unique clothing ideas.

Finding Inspiration

First, browse through some websites to get an idea of what clothing styles you want to design. Sometimes it can be fun to stick with the latest trends, but it's also great to be innovative and start your own custom fashion line. With anything you do in life, study what the most successful people are doing and learn from them. Make a list of your favorite clothing designers and visit their websites or check out these reliable resources as you prepare to design your own clothes online.

Browse Teen Clothing and Fashion Websites

Get Your Online Tutorial Groove On

  • Stardoll has a variety of dress up games, where you choose outfit choices to drag and drop on a model.
  • Craftster gives you project ideas, photos, and a community for sharing and discussing your fashion creations with like-minded designers.
  • eTelestia has pattern making, sewing, and fashion design courses you can download. It has everything from the basics of sewing to more advanced courses that could prepare you for a career in the clothing industry.

Design Your Own Clothes Online in Five Minutes or Less

For those new to fashion design or for less complicated projects, many online companies allow you create customized t-shirts, shorts, hats, and hoodies. With the click of a button, you can decorate a t-shirt with clip art, your own creative wording, and make a special gift for someone or for yourself:

  • Custom Ink allows you to buy stylish clothing in any color and add text, graphics, or upload your own design.
  • Cafe Press is a good deal for creating custom t-shirts and more.

Create Your Brand

Everything you buy from a store has a label, so why not create your own brand and label for your custom clothing? You can sew the label into your clothing and look like a real pro. Also, consider simply sewing a few stitches with your initials or make up a fun clothing name. You could also staple a tag to your clothes and write whatever you want on it!

What's Your Style?

Your own unique style is a reflection of your personality and tastes. Keep up with fashion trends, but don't let other people dictate what you design or wear. With a dose of confidence and a genuine smile on your face, you can pull off any outfit. Somebody has to start the trends-why not have it be you?! Whether you're a girly girl or a bohemian chick, you'll have a blast as you design your own clothes online.

Design Your Own Clothes Online