Expert Prom Tips

Katie Havard

LoveToKnow Teens editor Charlotte Gerber spent some time asking our own Teen Team expert, Katie Havard, some questions about prom tips. She graciously shared with us the following advice based on her own experiences.

Prom Tips from Katie Havard

How long should you make someone sweat before you give them an answer to whether you'll go to the prom with them or not?

Ideally, you shouldn't wait. Don't torture your date- aren't you supposed to like this person?

If you are going out to eat before or after the prom, who pays for the meal? Or should you go Dutch?

Dutch, unless he offers to pay. I mean, every situation is different. You should always assume that it's going to be 50/50, unless it's discussed beforehand. This isn't the fifties, ladies.

Is renting a limo necessary, and if so, who should pay, the girl or guy, or both?

Is it necessary? Well, no, the prom will happen anyway, even if you drive...even if you WALK. Usually you share a limo with more than just your date. Everyone should pitch in. And not that I'm advocating drinking, but a limo is a pretty good way to make sure that you will all have a safe ride home.

What is considered good prom etiquette for guys and girls?

Chivalry is never a bad idea and I don't think there's any type of etiquette that wouldn't fly at prom. Don't make out with someone else's' date. Actually, maybe wait until after prom to make out. Do you really want all your teacher-chaperones watching your snogfest? The first time I went to prom (this year will be my third prom), right as we walked in my friend saw her ex making out with his new girlfriend at one of the tables and she spent the evening crying in the bathroom. It kind of threw off my groove.

How do you know what kind of corsage to buy your date? Should girls buy their guy a boutonnière?

Ask them what color their dress is or suit is, and then go with simple (white goes with everything) and don't buy the wrist ones because they fall off.

Katie Havard.

Should you have your date meet your parents?

Everyone's parents are different; do what is comfortable.

Who pays for the prom couple photos? Should you both share in the cost?

If you're both getting the photos, you should share.

What do you do if your date isn't going well?

Sneak out the bathroom window and hail a taxi. No, but seriously? If your date turns out to be a creep, just dance with your friends and make sure to stay in a group so you don't have to do awkward date-y stuff. And when a slow song comes on, fake an allergic reaction to the punch and make a run for it.

Should you and your date dance with other people at the prom?

Yeah, you're not married to your date. I mean, if your prom date is a DATE date, try not to get too freaky with someone else. That's kind of tacky. And slow dances are generally for your date only.

Is it expected that you should kiss your date at the end of the evening?

Pshhhh you should kiss when you want to, never because it's "expected'"

Need more Prom Tips?

If you would like to ask Katie a question or another prom tip, please check out the page she shares with her mom, Ask the Teens Expert.

Expert Prom Tips