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Online Fashion Show Games

There are many fashion games found online. Some require registration while others do not. Be careful when playing games online and do not give out any personal information. Always get permission from your parents before downloading any games to your home computer.

Check out the following fun online game sites:

Dress Up Games

Dress up Games has several fashion games to choose from.

  • The Fashion Designer Game allows you to put together three lines of clothes for a fashion show.
  • Fashion Show Maker lets you set the stage for a fashion show or go behind the scenes and create a backstage.
  • The Fashion Show Dress Up Game lets you pick your model and dress her up for the runway.
  • Check out the Fashion Model Game where you put together the perfect outfit to best showcase a designer's line of clothes.
  • With Rock The Runway Game you can design your own fashion show with the season's hottest trends inspired by New York Fashion Week.
  • Fashion Show lets you dress the model for a fashion show; you can have the model do different poses in the clothes you dress her in.

Dress Up Girl

Dress Up Girl has various fashion show games including:

  • Fashion Show for Airline Hostess where you dress up a flight attendant in different fashions along with picking her hairstyles and other accessories.
  • Latest Fashion Trends is a game where you can find out what's in style right now. Browse through runway trends, clothing, accessories, handbags, shoes and more.
  • New Fashion Style lets you choose the most beautiful clothes and dress up the model. At the end of the game the models shows you her end result.
  • Kate Moss Dress Up lets you dress model Kate Moss in chiffon dresses, leather jackets, printed blouses and denim fashions.
  • Other fashion games to check out include Fashion Room, Fashions 2008, Shorts Fashion Trends and Super Girl Fashion.

Girl Online Games

Girl Online Games Girl Online Games offers free games for girls. Check out:

  • Fashion Show where the cartoon model walks down a runway in a fashion show. You can help her dress up and try on different outfits to show off to the crowd.
  • Diva Girl Fashion lets you dress up a high-end fashion model. You help her find her perfect outfit and impress her friends.

Games to Play in Person

Of course there are also games to play in person. The next time you are bored at home, invite some friends over and make your own fashion show. You could also add another element to your fashion show and have your friends do makeovers on each other then model your favorite fashions.

Depending on the particular season, tailor your own fashion show around what is in style for that time. If its summer, model beach or poolside fashions or even sunglasses. For winter, show off winter coats, scarves and gloves. During the school year, show your back to school fashions.

You could also pick a theme and have your fashion show around that theme. Maybe you and your friends love shoes. Have a show featuring all your favorite footwear fashions. Other fun themes are sportswear or prom.

Games for a fashion show at home have endless possibilities. Use your imagination and have fun. Be sure to take a lot of pictures to remember your fun fashion show!

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