Foolish Acts Done by Adolescents

Sometimes teens do silly things

Are you wondering what a few common foolish acts done by adolescents are? Teenagers do foolish acts and things every day. Sometimes, these foolish actions have little consequence and are just an error made in the growing up process. However, other foolish acts done by adolescents can have life altering consequences.

Why Do Teens Do Foolish Things?

Ever wonder what causes a teenager to do something silly? A few theories include:

  • Brain development: Some cite the extreme brain development and connections of things inside a teenager's head as part of the reason teens may do sillier things.
  • Testing the limits: Among many other things the teen years are known for, testing the limits is one of the main things teens are expected to do. While for some teens these limits are smaller, foolish acts are one of the ways a teen can see what they can get away it.
  • Rebellion and having fun: To many teens, having fun is what life is all about. Sometimes a good time can involve foolish incidents. Rebelling against what other people can expect of a teen can also result in a foolish event.
  • Peer pressure: The influence of peer pressure on a teen can be exorbitant. As a result, a friend or group of friends can egg on some foolish actions. Some teens may even feel they need to act foolish to impress others or in order to be liked.
  • Accident: Things can happen to anyone. You take a wrong step and fall of a curb or you do something you didn't know was bad for you--these are things that can happen to every day people. Teenagers are not immune to doing foolish things by accident--or sheer bad luck!

Foolish Acts Done By Adolescents

Are you curious about what types of silly things teens do? A few silly and foolish things done by teens include:

  • Car-surfing or other dangerous games: In car-surfing, a teen hangs on to the side or roof of a car for as long as they can while the car drives off. Other similar games include riding in the trunk of a moving car and strapping a friend on to the roof of a car.
  • Practical jokes and other pranks: From throwing toilet paper all over the house of an enemy to throwing water balloons at cars, teens are known for the pranks they pull.
  • Experimenting with substances: From underage drinking to teens with substance abuse problems, playing with drugs and alcohol is probably one of the more foolish actions a teen can do. Unfortunately, many teens will even choose the get behind the wheel of a car when they are under the influence of a substance. Other teens will even indulge in drinking games such as beer pong or quarters to have fun in large groups. These games do little more than intoxicate teens quicker.
  • Different types of races: From drag races to running around the block as many times as possible to bike racing, teens will often compete to prove who is best.
  • Graffiti: While 'tagging' can be quite the serious crime, some teens don't see it as such and will tag up the walls in their neighborhood. Smaller examples of graffiti including writing on the desks or bathroom walls at school or scratching on the glass of the windows on the bus.
  • Testing the limits of the body: Especially with the rise of shows like Jackass and televisions influence on young teens, many will go out and try to imitate the dangerous stunts that they see out there. Other teens like play games like the Choking Game, where one teen will block airflow to another teen until they pass out. Other games like this include Fist Fight, where teens punch one another until they bleed.

Final Thought

Teens do foolish things. For those who are past their teen years, you may remember doing a lot of foolish teen things. For those in their teens or soon approaching them, you're likely to do a lot of foolish things. Just remember to keep it safe so you can make it past your teens!

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Foolish Acts Done by Adolescents