How Formal Dress Rental Works

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Formal dress rentals aren't just for prom. Formal clothing rental stores are the perfect place for finding a dress you don't want to keep forever. They stock plenty of gorgeous dresses that you can wear for an evening then return. If you've never thought of going this route for a formal, read on and find out how easy and inexpensive it is!

Special Event Dress Rentals

Most everyone enjoys getting dressed up for special occasions, but the associated costs can really put a damper on the event. Even if you are considering making your own dress, the costs for the material and labor can be rather high. There is nothing wrong with renting a dress, and you may be able to get a higher quality dress, without paying for the high price tag of ownership.

Rental dress stores carry many different designer lines, and there is sure to be a dress that you'd really like to wear for your big event. Rental stores can usually special order a dress for you too if you give them enough time. If you wait until the last minute to get a dress, you'll probably be restricted to what they currently have in their store.

Budget Conscious Teens

Let's face it; the guys have it easy when it comes to formal rentals. They walk into rental stores, find a tuxedo they like, and then pay peanuts for an outfit. Girls on the other hand often scrimp and save to buy their formals and then they have to store the dress afterwards in their closet indefinitely.

Budget conscious girls should consider their options, and this includes dress rentals. The average dress rental costs slightly more than a tuxedo rental. The designer labels available can be very enticing, especially when you see how inexpensive they are to rent. If you have a budget for your formal, definitely check out your local formal rental store first. You'll end up with more money in your pocket to either buy some jewelry that you will wear again or you can spend it on a limousine!

Formal Dress Rental Stores

Choose Your Dress

If you've never rented formal clothing before, don't worry. Formal dress stores have plenty of experience and they can help you choose accessories for your outfit too. When you visit a dress rental store you can expect to be measured for your dress, then they will show you what they have to offer. If you can't find a dress you really like, ask what dress lines they carry and look at those catalogs. Many rental stores will give you their catalogs to take home if you need more time to consider which dress you like best.

If the rental store doesn't have the dress size and design in stock that you need, they'll order it if it is available. This can take a week or more; so order early to make sure you get the dress in time for your special event.

Deposits on Rental Dresses

Expect to pay a deposit for your rental. Read all of the fine print and make sure the correct dress style is being rented before you sign on the dotted line. A deposit is to ensure you'll return the dress, hopefully in the same condition in which you rented it. If you damage or stain the dress while it is in your possession, you may have to pay the costs to remove the stains or repair it.

When you pick up your dress rental, the actual cost of the rental will need to be paid. At the time you return the dress, as long as it is in good condition you will probably receive some or all of your dress deposit back.


Another reason to shop for your formal dress at a rental store is they also carry many of the accessories you'll need for a special event. Most stores will also rent purses, shoes and jewelry. Additional deposits may be required for jewelry, but it may be worth it if it makes your outfit look fabulous.

Try a formal dress rental for your next special event instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a gown that you'll never wear again. You may be pleasantly surprised at the selection available, and you'll save a bundle of cash as well.

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How Formal Dress Rental Works