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Updated November 24, 2018
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Babysitting offers a great way to make some money and gain working experience, but if you've never babysat before, it's a good idea to take a course that will prepare you for the serious responsibilities of caring for a child. Fortunately, there are a handful of online options that allow you to learn valuable babysitting skills.

Free Classes Online

Most babysitting online courses charge fees for their training, but there are some online, free, self-paced classes that will help you acquire additional skills to assist your babysitting career:

  • Although the Red Cross babysitting online course is not free, they publish the baby sitter's training manual online, so you can brush up on your knowledge before you take the course.
  • The Virginia Cooperative Extension has uploaded their Babysitting Basics course materials. While preteens and teens can earn certification only through course attendance, you can use the materials to learn techniques that will help make your work successful.
  • Babysitter database website UrbanSitter offers a resource section for babysitters and nannies offering advice on how to do a great job to encourage repeat customers. There are also informational articles about dealing with kids with food allergies and misbehaved children.
  • TeensHealth offers a comprehensive resource for babysitters that includes instructions for creating a business plan and ways to entertain children.

Courses for Babysitting Certification Online

You can find babysitting classes in most communities through Parks and Rec., your local American Red Cross chapter, and more. However, the following options are online and offer certification or continuing education credits.

American Red Cross Babysitter Training

Baby Sitter and boy playing

The American Red Cross offers one of the most highly regarded babysitting classes for 11-year-olds and older. The course is available online although you can take the course in person at many local Red Cross locations. The course teaches skills in caring for infants and children up to 10 years of age.

You'll learn skills such as how to stay safe, playing with kids, handling emergencies, feeding and bedtime. The student must receive an 80 percent on the final exam to receive a printable diploma. The Red Cross has added some resources that are helpful, including starting and managing a babysitting business.

  • Cost: Currently listed as $85.00 for the complete online course. (Prices may vary depending on your location.)
  • Availability: Online 24/7
  • Estimated completion time: The course takes four hours to complete.
  • Requirements: Since the lessons are in video format, you'll need high-speed internet for streaming.

Babysitting 101

Universal Class offers a course for future sitters and nannies, and those who want to refresh their skills. The course covers safety aspects of babysitting as well as how to run your service as a business.

The material is broken into 10 lessons and 17 assignments that are self-paced. Review each chapter completely and take notes because you must pass a final exam at the end. The topics include everything from running a babysitting business to safety to appropriate forms of discipline.

You can earn continuing education credits (CEUs) for completing this course if you earn a final grade of 70 percent or higher and download a CEU certificate.

  • Cost: Currently listed as $50.00 with no certificate or $75.00 with CEU certificate.
  • Availability: Online 24/7
  • Estimated completion time: You have six months to complete the course, which could take 15 hours or more.
  • Requirements: PC or Mac, Android, iOS

Babysitting Certification

Sitter applying some basic first aid

Expert Rating offers a certification course geared toward college-aged students and adults who are interested in pursuing babysitting as a career.

The course is divided into seven sections that cover topics including activities and playtime, discipline, a plan to avoid problems, and your responsibilities as a sitter. You can take the certification exam once you've studied all the course materials, and you must take the exam within one year of purchasing the course.

  • Cost: Currently listed as $19.99.
  • Availability: Online 24/7
  • Estimated completion time: One week to one month, depending on your pace
  • Requirements: Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox and an email account

Kidproof Babysitter Training Program

Kidproof Safety offers an online training course for ages 10 and up. The course covers babysitting basics, such as finding a babysitting job, how to care for kids of different ages, how to deal with a difficult situation and some safe and fun activities to do with the kids. Also, the future babysitter will learn what to do in a medical emergency and what to do if she suspects neglect or abuse.

With the purchase of the online course, you'll get all the same materials you'd receive for an in-class course. Included is the baby sitter's handbook (e-book), email access to a Kidproof certified personal instructor, access to the online learning portal on Kidproof and a certificate of completion (upon successful completion of the course).

  • Cost: Currently $40.
  • Availability: Online 24/7
  • Estimated completion time: Seven hours
  • Requirements: High-speed internet, speakers, and Adobe PDF Reader

Babysitting Is Serious Business

Babysitting and child care are major responsibilities and require hard work. Taking an online course is a convenient way to learn the skills you'll need to become a qualified sitter and decide if you're mature enough to meet the challenge. These are skills that will not only help you start and run a successful business, but can be applied throughout your life and future careers.

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Online Babysitting Courses