Free Printable Graduation Announcements

Blank graduation announcement card ready to print

The senior year of high school comes with a lot of expenses for families. Free printable graduation announcements are an economical way to tell family and friends about your upcoming high school graduation celebration. Even better, you can customize the invite to fit your personality.

Printable Graduation Announcement Templates

Below are two printable graduation announcements that would work for nearly any student. You can adjust the wording as you like. Click on either image to view a full-sized, editable version of the printable. If you need help downloading the templates, check out these helpful tips.

Locating Free Printable Graduation Announcements

The Internet has many sites that offer free graduation announcement templates. From simple to stylish you can find the cards that suit your taste and your budget.

  • Design Betty has a huge assortment of stylish graduation announcements. Click on the design of your choice and customize the graduation year, wording, and font.
  • Print With My Pic offers a nice collection of graduation announcement templates that are free to print. Add your own photograph and information through their easy to use online wizard for a truly customized look.
  • American Greetings has a handful of printable graduation announcements, including one that uses a photo of the student.

Tips for Printing

Here are a couple tips for creating your free graduation announcements:

  • Paper: Buy cardstock, which is a heavier paper that comes in any color. White is probably the best choice. If you're planning to print your cards on a home printer, first investigate what is the heaviest weight paper you can use. Paper runs in different weights. Standard office paper comes in 20-pound weight, while cardstock averages at an 80-pound weight. Ask for cardstock at any office supply store and see if you can feel the thickness of any samples to make sure they're durable enough.
  • Printing: You'll want to have adequate ink in your printer or consider printing your invitations at Kinkos or another local printing store.
  • Cutting: The final touch on your announcements will be to trim them in the appropriate size before stuffing them in envelopes. Using a paper cutter will cut straighter lines than scissors and you can usually cut more than one at a time, which helps you go faster.

What Else to Include with the Announcements

Once you've got your free printable graduation announcements ready to go, consider other things that you might want to include in the envelope, such as a copy of your senior photo.

Some people choose to include a printable invitation to the graduation ceremony and the open house with the announcement to save a bit on postage and to keep everything related to the graduation in one envelope.

Addressing Tips

There are a couple different ways to address your announcements. You can do them more formally, using Mr. and Mrs. titles for people or if your announcement is more causal, just include the first and last names of people. Either way, be sure to address your envelopes by hand using a nice pen. You don't want anyone to mistake them for junk mail. Always be sure to include your name and address in the upper left hand corner of the envelope or on the backside, even if the invitations are getting mailed out locally. You don't want any of them to get lost.

Get Ready to Celebrate

One of the benefits to announcing your graduation is you'll likely get gifts from friends and relatives. So send those announcements off and prepare to celebrate.

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Free Printable Graduation Announcements