Places to Find Free Teen Homework Help

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When you are mid question, it isn't possible to ask your teacher something you don't understand. In this instance, the internet can be your best friend. Not only can you chat with real tutors online through free message boards, but instructional websites offer videos to help you through concepts you don't understand. And don't forget about free online apps for homework.

Free Homework Help: Online Message Boards

Many websites offer live homework help, where you can message to ask questions about particular assignments or other academic areas that you're struggling with. Manned by tutors, teachers, librarians, or other knowledgeable volunteers, these message boards and chats can help answer your questions, offer tips, and provide explanations.


Wyzant offers free online homework via an online message board. You post your question and tutors provide you with answers. You'll get notifications via your email. The answers are also posted on a message board that several different viewers can use. These questions might take a few hours to get answered. Additionally, you can work with a specific tutor one-to-one during scheduled hours, but this service will cost you. To access the free service, you will need to register for a free account using your email, name and zip code. Wyzant offers tutoring in subjects from anthropology to zoology.

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Free Math Help

In addition to games and calculators, Free Math Help offers message boards to get live answers to your questions from experts. This homework help site covers math areas like algebra, geometry, statistics, calculus and trigonometry. Message boards are available from beginning to advanced math topics. You'll need to register before you can post to the board. Additionally, your questions are open to members from beginner to elite. You also have the ability to private message some members to get even more feedback. You can also view their qualifications to ensure that you are getting the best help.

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Informational Homework Help Sites

You can also find free information sites that help you with homework by explaining concepts, themes, or formulas of specific subjects. Here are some tips on finding good homework help sites:

  • Since virtually anyone can publish information on the web, it's important to make sure the sites you are getting your free homework help from are unbiased and accurate. Your local public library website can be an excellent tool, as library websites contain collections of sites that have been reviewed for accuracy.
  • Looking up the specific subject or area you need help with can also help you find sites with the information you need. If you are not sure which sites you can trust to provide accurate information, browse established sites, such as those managed by the government. Education Resources from the Library of Congress is such an example. It contains science, math, history, and language arts subject maps that provide information and links to additional resources.
  • Your state may also maintain information sites that can be excellent free teen homework help resources, such as InfOhio. Ask your local librarian or a teacher whether your state has this type of program and how you can gain access.


On HippoCampus, you can explore more than 7,000 videos in math, social sciences, earth sciences and humanities. These videos come from educational websites like Khan Academy, NASA and the NROC Project, to name a few. The videos are typically from 5 to 15 minutes in length and broken down by concept. They also work to build from one concept to the next.

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HomeworkSpot offers links to several different subject areas like math, science and literature. The subject areas are broken down based on elementary, middle and high school. You can also find references available for teachers and parents. Each different subject area covers dozens of concepts. For example, elementary English will provide you with grammar checkers, grammar rules and more to help you with your English homework. You can also play different games to help you learn specific concepts in different subjects. The games are broken up by grade level.

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Discovery Education

On Discovery Education, you can find homework help through games, a virtual lab, videos and step-by-step problem solvers. Most of the resources on this site focus on math and sciences. For example, WebMath will provide you step-by-step instructions for solving math problems.

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Apps for Homework

In addition to websites, there are also apps that you can download on to your computer, tablet or phone to help you with math, science, history and other subjects through different virtual tools. These apps are typically available for both Apple and Android devices.

Socratic Math & Homework Help

Socratic Math & Homework Help from Apple and Google lets you get step-by-step answers to your math homework just by snapping a picture. Not only that but you can view videos about different concepts you don't quite understand. This isn't just for math homework either, you can find answers for history, science, chemistry, English and more. The answers come from an artificial intelligence computer.

PhotoStudy-Live Study Help

Another AI that will help you with your math, physics and chemistry homework is PhotoStudy-Live Study Help. This app is available through iTunes and Google. After you snap a picture, Sally the STEM teaching bot will break down the steps for the problem and show you how it is done. You can also get 24/7 tutoring in 10-minute sessions for a low fee. Another fun feature of this app is that you can share answers with your friends. However, there is a limit to how many questions that you can ask for free a month.

Khan Academy

Finding homework help at your fingertips is only one Khan Academy app away. Available for Android and Apple products, this app offers interactive exercises and videos. There are over 10,000 videos available along with more than 40,000 questions that are centered around common core standards. Subjects cover math concepts, humanities, sciences, arts and history.

Getting Free Homework Help

Getting the homework help you need doesn't make you look dumb. In fact, it makes you smarter than you realize. Making the effort to understand what you're struggling with and getting help with those difficult assignments shows you don't give up when the going gets tough.

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Places to Find Free Teen Homework Help