Funny Questions to Ask Your Friend

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Do you want to find some funny questions to ask your friend? Teenagers often like to ask their friends funny questions as pranks or for a quick laugh. There are many different funny questions to ask your friend, ranging from sarcastic questions to just plain silly questions. Funny questions can create some awkward or embarrassing moments at times, but that is part of the fun (for you of course!)

What are Some Funny Questions to Ask Your Friend?

If you want some funny or humorous questions that you can ask your friends at a party, sleepover, school, or other social event, you might be wondering where you can find question ideas. A couple of good places to look for funny questions to ask your friends are online, and in books. Some good examples of funny questions to ask your friends are:

  • "If McDonald's sells hamburgers, why don't they sell hotdogs?"
  • "Why is there a difference between normal ketchup, and fancy ketchup?"
  • "Why do they call the Lone Ranger lone, when Tonto is always with him?"
  • "If something is new, how can it be improved as well?"
  • "If bunnies don't lay eggs, then why does the Easter Bunny leave eggs behind?"
  • "Why do mother's sing "Rock a Bye Baby" to their kids to rock them to sleep, when the song is about a baby falling out of a tree?"
  • "What language do Chinese people get sayings tattooed on their body in?"
  • "Why don't you ever see billboards being put up on the highways?"
  • "Why is it that when people want you to duck, they yell "Head's up"?"
  • Can a bald person get dandruff?"
  • "Donkey Kong is a gorilla, so why do they call him Donkey Kong?"
  • "If KFC Stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken, Why do they play Sweet Home Alabama in their commercials?"
  • "Why are people scared of tiny mice, but not afraid of Mickey Mouse, who is the biggest mouse in the world?"
  • "If you soak some raisins in water, do they turn into grapes again?"
  • "Why isn't it appropriate to say "good mourning" at a funeral?"
  • "Why do some people return to the refrigerator again and again with hopes that something new to eat will have suddenly appeared?"

There are many other places to find funny questions to entertain your friends, or to find funny jokes and pranks on them as well. Remember to be polite when asking questions that are meant as a joke, and don't intentionally offend one of your friends. Funny questions are a great way to break the ice with someone new as well; they are a fun way to make new friends!

Places to Find Funny Questions

If you are looking for some places to find a funny question or two that you can ask your friends next time you hang out with them, the internet is a good bet. To find some unique questions, books and movies can give you some good ideas for funny questions. A list of websites with funny questions on them is listed below:

When you ask your friends a funny question, it will lead to laughter and good time (usually anyway). Simple but fun yes or no questions make perfect ice breakers in new social settings, as well as good friendship building tools. Some funny questions (ones that have funny answers to go along with the question) will be sure to become great memories of your friend and yours high school years!

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Funny Questions to Ask Your Friend