Ghetto Prom Outfits and Themes

 Ghetto Prom

Ghetto proms are becoming a popular prom theme among teens. They are fun to attend and more relaxed than a traditional themed prom.

What is a Ghetto Prom?

A ghetto or urban prom is a unique idea that has recently become trendy. The concept focuses on being original and not conforming to society's standards. While some schools use the ghetto theme for prom, there are some urban, inner city schools that call their proms ghetto due to their location and demographic. Often these students are on limited budgets and get creative with the prom and their attire. The theme transpired from this concept and has taken off. Be prepared that this theme may cause controversy in your school and may be seen as offensive. Be sure to carefully think out the details and use good taste and judgment when planning your prom! Make sure to check with your principal or head committee member for permission on using this theme.

What to Wear

At ghetto proms anything goes. You may not see traditional frilly dresses but fashions that are cutting-edge, revealing and push the limits of what is considered decent. Many couples choose to coordinate their outfits and may show up in sports-themed attire instead of formal wear. Hip-hop fashions are also popular to wear to a ghetto-themed prom. Some may choose to debut styles that are their own creations. Dressing in unique attire is definitely something you want to do. A ghetto prom dress should be original and show off your individual style. Other ghetto elements to incorporate:

  • Bling - anything that sparkles and shines. Lots of gold chains and jewelry are a must
  • Logos - the more visible logos on clothing the better
  • Fake tattoos
  • Over the top hairstyles

Elements of Ghetto Proms

To transform your prom into something ghetto fabulous, be sure to incorporate different elements to give it an inner city feel. You can transform any location you choose to make your prom feel like it is in the ghetto.

Ghetto Style Music

Dancing is an essential element at any prom. Have a DJ play mixes of R&B, hip-hop and rap music. A dance off would be a fun element to add to the prom. Get students to sign up beforehand so that they can coordinate and practice their best moves. Create a play list for the DJ so you get to hear all the songs you want played.


If you can choose a location outside of the school, pick somewhere with an urban feel if not transform your school's gym into an inner-city ghetto with the right decorations. Keep decorations minimal. Ghetto does not mean extravagant. Ghetto proms should have an urban, inner city feel and the lighting should be dim. Create murals of graffiti and fake gang symbols with spray paint. Use dark colored balloons and stay away from anything soft or pastel. You may also want to have cut outs of police or security as decorations as well. Make it feel as if you were out in the streets.


No prom is complete without a photographer to capture special memories. Have an area set up for photos and be sure to take candid shots for your school's yearbook as well.

Final Thoughts

No matter what your prom theme may be the most important thing is to have fun! Prom is a memorable event that you will never forget!

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Ghetto Prom Outfits and Themes