Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

Buying for a teenage girl can present a real challenge. What a teen thinks is the perfect gift may be very different than what an adult thinks is the perfect gift. In order to find something she'll use and appreciate, you'll want to focus on her interests. Even if you don't know the teen as well as you would like, most of the following gift ideas for teenage girls are universally well received.

Chocolate Lover's Gift

Most females love chocolate. Why not give her a basket of decadent, chocolate treats for a gift? Buy high-end chocolate that she probably wouldn't be able to afford. Companies like Lindt and Godiva sell a variety of pre-packaged chocolate gifts that your teen is sure to love.

For a healthier chocolate treat, place fresh fruit dipped in chocolate on lollipop sticks (available at craft supply stores). Then, create a bouquet by lining a vase with a styrofoam block, placing the sticks in the foam and covering with pretty foil wrapping paper.

iTunes Gift Card

Most teenagers have an iPod or some type of MP3 player. If the teen does not own one of these devices, she would likely appreciate one as a gift. If the teen already owns one of these, she is sure to appreciate more music to place on her device.

The best part is, you can purchase music without even knowing what genre she prefers or what her favorite bands are. Simply go to any big box retailer or corner drugstore and pick up an iTunes gift card for the amount of your choice. These cards can be purchased in amounts of $10, $15, $25, $50 and $100, so there is a wide range of price options. The teen then loads the credits to her iTunes account and can choose the songs she loves.

Her Favorite Scent

If you know the kind of perfume she wears, purchase her a bottle or two. If you don't know what scent she prefers, buy body splash and scented lotion, because these tend to be less potent and more popular among teenage girls.

For a girl you know well, like a niece or daughter, you might instead take her shopping, and let her choose the perfume. This can create a happy memory that will last the two of you for years to come. You may even want to throw in lunch or dinner while the two of you are out shopping.


Retailers like Bare Escentuals and Sephora (found in larger shopping malls) offer free makeovers. You could take her for a makeover and buy her a few of the makeup items she likes most. If there isn't one of these stores near you, any major department store at a shopping mall should offer mini makeovers and the ability to match her with the best colors for her skin tones. Conversely, if you know the type of makeup she wears, you can buy her some more to replenish her supply.

The Gift of Knowledge

You might think that teens don't want lessons or classes because they are in school all day. However, most teens enjoy learning new things.

A starter guitar and six weeks of lessons can be the perfect gift for a girl interested in music. Cooking lessons might be the best gift for a girl who loves to watch the Food Network. Photography lessons would be appreciated by someone who loves to take snapshots for the family. Whatever interest the teen girl has, there is likely a lesson that goes with it. If you can't find lessons in her area, then purchase a tutorial DVD as a gift.


What girl doesn't love to be pampered? Spoil her rotten with a gift certificate to a local salon. You may want to check on sanitary procedures at the salon and local online reviews to be sure you are getting a certificate to a place the teen will truly appreciate. If you know the girl well, create a happy memory by going to the salon together and gettng matching manicures, pedicures, or both.

Shopping Spree

If the teen girl loves to shop, the gift of a shopping spree to her favorite store will certainly be appreciated. Give her a moment to remember by taking her shopping and letting her spend up to a set amount.

If you aren't able to go shopping with her, then send her a gift card. When she goes shopping and spends the gift card, she will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Then, every time she wears the item she purchased with the gift card, she will think of you for a minute or two. That's a gift that creates a lasting memory!

Picture Frame for Friends
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During adolescence, teenagers grow closer to their friends. To help her preserve those special memories, give her a digital picture frame. This type of frame holds many pictures and automatically changes the photo displayed based on how she sets up the frame.

If you have the time, you may want to collect a few photos and preload them to get her started. Perhaps adding pictures of her from the time she was a baby to present would be one fun way to present this gift.

Girls Love Jewelry Too

Grown women aren't the only ones who love jewelry. You can buy more expensive jewelry like a small pair of diamond earrings, or something lower key for everyday use.

When it comes to costume jewelry, it seems that every teen has different taste. Some love jelly bracelets while others prefer to wear a thin gold chain with a pendant. Some girls love big jewelry and some love handmade items.

If you aren't sure what kind of the jewelry the teen loves, then you may want to take her with you and let her pick the items. Simply give her a budget to spend and let her pick the items she wants. You might be surprised at some of her choices, but you'll also learn her tastes and be able to choose her gift on your own next time.

Jewelry Box for Organization

Jewelry is a great gift for teen girls, but if she already has a lot of jewelry, consider buying something she can organize it all in such as a jewelry box. This way, she'll be able to find exactly what she wants in seconds.

If none of these ideas seem quite right, you can get some additional ideas in the slideshow, Cool Teen Gifts.

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Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls