Gift Ideas for a Teenage Boy

Want to keep this teen boy happy? Try a great gift!

If you are trying to find gift ideas for a teenage boy, you are probably aware how difficult the process can be. For girls especially, it seems impossible to figure out what a teenage boy would like or even use. However, there are plenty of gift ideas for a teenage boy that everyone can use.

What Kind of Things Do Teenage Boys Like?

If you are a teenage girl, it might seem impossible to figure out a good gift for a teen boy. After all, how are you supposed to know what they like? Even if you are another teen boy or a little older, it can still be hard to figure out what to get a teenage boy as a gift for anything. A general list of things that teen boys may like include

  • Watching sports
  • Playing sports or being on a high school team
  • Cars
  • Video and computer games
  • Fishing and hunting
  • Music and movies
  • Gadgets and technology
  • Books

While this list is not exhaustive (or meant to cover every teen boy out there), the list can be used as a starting ground to help figure out what the particular teen boy you are purchasing a gift for would like. Questions to ask yourself include:

  • What hobbies does he have? Is he on the football team or the debate team? Use this to gauge the things he may be passionate about pursuing in life.
  • Does he have posters in his bedroom or in his locker? Are they of any famous movies or rock singers? Use this to figure out what the things he enjoy are.
  • Does he get more excited when a new iPod comes on the market or a new book by his favorite author? You can use this information to figure out what other interest he has.

Gift Ideas for a Teenage Boy

Trying to find a gift for a teenage boy isn't as hard as one may think.

  • Gift Card: While it may not be the most personal of ideas, getting a teen boy a gift card is a great gift because he can pick something that he knows he likes. You don't need to worry about him not liking it because he will have picked it. However, a gift card can look as if you didn't care enough to get a real gift.
  • Sports Stuff: For the sports fan, a jersey to a favorite team is great. The only thing better would be tickets to a game or a special tour of a favorite arena. For the boy who loves to play sports and be active, take him hiking or rafting. You could even send him to a sports camp.
  • Gadgets: Most teen boys love gadgets. While this means he would love the latest iPhone, that doesn't mean you need to break the bank to get him a great gift. Even tiny gadgets like projecting alarm clocks, electric compass or other cool convenience is likely to get him excited.
  • Car Stuff: To a boy, his teen years are partially a countdown to driving age. Once he gets there, driving becomes a huge part of his life. If he has his own car, you could get him a tool for it, an accessory, or a gift card toward gas or maintenance.
  • Wall Art: Whether he puts care into his bedroom or is counting down the days until he gets to move out of his parents home, many teen boys will be happy to display wall art on their bedroom walls. Get him a poster of his favorite band or movie and he'll hang it in a place he's sure to see daily.

One Last Word

The most important gift giving tip to keep in mind is that every guy is different. Okay, so the one you are getting a gift for doesn't like sports or gadgets or books. Find something that he does love and work with it. After all, the gift is for him--not for you! You could even get him something free and he would love it.

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Gift Ideas for a Teenage Boy