Graduation Cap Pattern

Black graduation cap and a diploma in a cylinder

If you want to construct a graduation cap for a ceremony or dress up, a graduation cap pattern is fairly easy to create.

Simple Graduation Cap Pattern

Graduation caps come in a variety of sizes and colors. If you're graduating from high school, chances are you'll order your very own cap and gown for the ceremony from the same retailer that you'll order your graduation invitations and class rings from, rather than make your own. On the other hand, parents of kindergartners or middle school students may find a graduation cap pattern helpful for creating an authentic formal ceremony. Graduation caps and gowns make any celebration camera-worthy and are sure to bring a smile to any proud parent's face when his/her child reaches for the diploma!

In addition to real life education celebrations, graduation caps can also be worn at dress up events, costume parties, or to acknowledge the success and completion of a specific course or training.

Although there are many retailers that sell graduation caps, a mock cap can be constructed out of a few simple materials. To get started making your own cap, gather the following inexpensive and readily available craft supplies:

  • Scissors
  • Poster board
  • Tape measure
  • Construction paper in same color as poster board
  • Craft glue
  • Brass paper fasteners
  • Gold tassel

How to Make a Graduation Cap

Once you've gathered the supplies to make a cap, it's time to get started.

  1. One to two days prior to creating your cap, place poster board under books or a mattress to flatten
  2. Cut two eight inch squares out of poster board
  3. Glue both pieces together to construct the mortar board of the graduation cap
  4. Cut construction paper in halves and bolt together with brass paper fasteners to increase width
  5. Using a tape measure, measure the diameter of the graduate's head
  6. Now cut the paper to the measured diameter
  7. Fasten ends with brass paper fasteners
  8. Fold over one inch of the cut construction paper
  9. Fasten fold to mortar board with a couple brass fasteners
  10. Embellish with a gold tassel

In addition to using construction paper hats, a colored plastic bowl can be glued to the bottom of mortar board, serving as the base or hat portion of a graduation hat. Simply affix a tassel as instructed above for added embellishment.

Where to Buy Graduation Caps

If you're not feeling crafty, the following Internet sites sell pre-made fabric graduation caps in practically every color of the rainbow:

How to Wear

A graduation cap tends to fit all head shapes differently. For the perfect fit on this do-it-yourself craft cap, make sure you cut the construction paper to the correct diameter. Children with long or thick hair should wear hair as smooth as possible and refrain from wearing buns or up dos. Caps can be secured to the head with bobby pins as needed.Whether it's a formal school function or to celebrate a G.E.D. diploma, a graduation cap pattern is easy to construct and will add authenticity to any graduation ceremony, allowing the graduate to display his/her achievement and pride!

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Graduation Cap Pattern