Graduation Themes

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High school seniors look for popular graduation themes to plan parties and other events surrounding their special day.

After twelve years of school, many teens look enthusiastically toward a future filled with college and adult life. First, they have to graduate and graduation time is a celebratory occasion full of family and friends and their well wishes for success.

Popular Graduation Themes

Themes will change from year to year and with each generation. While some graduation themes seem to be stuck in a certain era, others are timeless. It's up to the graduating class to decide which theme best defines them and their hopes and dreams. Some graduation themes you'll see include:

  • Popular decades: The 1950s can be celebrated with a sock hop party full of greasers and teenyboppers in hoop skirts. The 1960s will be a bit wilder and full of psychedelic colors and rock music. A 1970s party may feature bell bottoms, platform shoes and lots of polyester. The 1980s? Expect to see neon, legwarmers, headbands and hear music from that decade's most popular bands. Teens will probably get a kick out of consulting their parents, grandparents and other relatives on how to best celebrate decades that happened before they were born.
  • Tropical locales: A party centered around island living will give teens a chance to sport grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts as well as flowery leis and (non-alcoholic) beverages in coconut cups.
  • Mexican fiesta: A piñata can be filled with treats perfect for teens: besides the obvious candy, movie tickets, girls' costume jewelry and accessories can also fit into a piñata. Mexican dishes are usually easy to make and are great served buffet-style.
  • Scavenger hunt: Not only will the teens have fun, they'll compete to see who can score a prize first. By soliciting the help of class parents, prizes can range from simple and inexpensive to more elaborate.
  • Hollywood: Seniors can come dressed as their favorite celebrity, so expect to see a lot of graduates dressed as the current stars of the day. Today's teens may choose to dress as youngsters Lindsey Lohan, Zac Efron or Rihanna, or they may go with classic stars like Bogey and Bacall.
  • Movie mania: Closely related to the Hollywood theme, a party can center around a popular movie or two. This can be a horror flick or a light comedy-or both.
  • Jungle life: This doesn't only have to include Tarzan and Jane. Animal and bush décor should be used to help build on the jungle theme.

There are many other graduation themes possible. All it takes is some imagination and a creative party planning committee.

Graduation Party Supplies

A lot of senior classes hold fundraisers to raise money for different events throughout the year. A budget may be set aside for parties, so depending on how much cash was raised, the celebration can be small and simple or very fancy. Some places to check out for graduation-themed party supplies include:

Also, family garages and attics can often be sources of material. Teens should ask family and friends if they have party supplies to lend.

The Graduation Ceremony

The pomp and circumstance of a graduation ceremony should be a dignified occasion, so any themes relating to the event should keep that in mind. Some schools may choose to adopt a theme for the entire senior year; the students will undoubtedly have a say in it because they're most qualified to know what their peers and classmates are interested in. Speakers at the ceremony might want to revolve their speeches around a common theme as well. Some popular valedictorian speeches address these graduation themes:

  • Hold fast to your dreams
  • What the future holds
  • Upholding your beliefs
  • Contributing to the world around you
  • Learning from mistakes

A New Beginning

While graduation is an end to high school, it's only the beginning to a future for many young people. With any luck, they can heed the advice of family and friends who only want the best for them. The graduation themes chosen by this year's class will be looked back upon with nostalgia by today's senior class.

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Graduation Themes