Teen Home Workout Tips

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A home teen workout is an ideal exercise routine for most teenagers. For many youth today, working out is not a top priority. Between juggling homework, friends, and family life, heading to the gym even once or twice a week can seem like far too much.

For the majority of teens who don't play basketball, soccer or some other type of sport, getting exercise isn't as easy as it would seem. After school, most teenagers just want to relax and watch television or surf the Internet for a few hours. For those who wish to start living a healthier lifestyle, working out at home is a good alternative to buying an expensive gym membership. It is free, and only requires a small amount of space at home.

Where to Start

There are many home teen workouts available, from books to videos. Once you have decided to start working out at home, ask yourself these questions:

  • How intense do you want your workout to be? Do you just want to do a 20-minute cardio workout or an intense hour-long weightlifting session? You may want to start slowly and build up your workout length as time progresses.
  • Where are you going to workout? Does your home have a room you can dedicate to working out in? A living room, backyard, or basement could be an ideal workout space. Just be sure to pick a place where you are comfortable and can safely exercise.
  • What time will you workout? While most health experts recommend working out in the morning, many teens don't have time during the week for that. Whenever you decide to workout, keep it consistent and workout at the same time every day.

Where to Workout

After you have decided where, when and how you are going to workout, you'll want to do a few basic things to make your workout area safe and enjoyable.

  • First, keep the room clean! It can prevent painful injuries and falls if you keep your workout space clean. In addition, you will be less likely to disrupt the rest of your family you if you keep your workout equipment stored away safely.
  • Second, play some music to pump you up! Nothing helps a workout get going better than some good music.
  • Lastly, stay motivated! Remember, you're not working out just to lose weight; you are working out to stay healthy and live longer. Don't get discouraged just because the pounds are not melting away.

Home Teen Workout Websites

Many websites give tips and advice about working out at home. Ranging from how-to guides, and video tutorials to online stores where you can purchase books and DVDs about working out at home. Below is a list of several websites and books about working out at home:

  • pilates DVDs: pilates DVDs can teach you some basic pilates moves to use in your home workout.
  • Workouts for Dummies: With diagrams and detailed instructions, this book is a good choice for anyone wanting a healthier lifestyle.

No matter whether you are working out to slim down for swimsuit season, or just to be a little healthier, a home workout routine is easy, and can be made fun!

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Teen Home Workout Tips