Homecoming Opposite Day

Opposite Day leads up to the homecoming dance.

Homecoming Opposite Day is a tradition in high schools and some middle schools all across America. As part of a Spirit Week leading up to the homecoming dance, which is designed to welcome students back after their summer break, many schools encourage fun dress-up days for students to excite them about the approaching dance and traditional homecoming football game. On Opposite Day, girls dress up as boys and boys dress up as girls. A mock homecoming court is sometimes appointed at high schools to crown opposite "kings" and "queens."

The Purpose

Opposite Day can sometimes relate to a school's homecoming theme or tie with a theme for the dance, but it's primarily a way to express school pride.

Opposite Day is a great way to bring friends together and encourage cooperation among the sexes. Girls and boys can borrow clothing from one another, help their friends with makeup, and assist them in finding the perfect outfits and supplies. An especially elaborate outfit will show a lot of enthusiasm for the school and may even earn the student a spot on court.

Mock Homecoming Court

Most schools that celebrate homecoming with a Spirit Week ask their students to elect a traditional homecoming court of a king and queen along with several attendants. The twist on Opposite Day is that the "king" will be female and the "queen" will be male, and the prizes are more likely to go to class clowns or students with great costumes than to the most popular students. A "king" is encouraged to wear a formal dress and high heels, and the "queen" might wear a suit or a football uniform to escort the king.

Outfit Ideas

Opposite Day is a time to embrace your creativity and go all out with your costume. It can be tough for some girls to make themselves look masculine, but here are a few tips:

  • Pin long hair up in a bun or secure it in a ponytail and twist it upward.
  • Try wearing low-slung jeans and boxer shorts.
  • A baseball cap or fedora can hide a feminine hairstyle.
  • Wearing a sports bra will make oversized shirts or suits look more natural on you.
  • Dab on fake facial hair with black face paint.
  • Wear a big gold chain or a thick belt.

Many boys aren't willing to dress in completely feminine outfits for Opposite Day, but it can be a lot of fun! Try getting together a huge group of friends and borrowing skirts, dresses, and shoes from girls you know. These Homecoming Opposite Day ideas might also help:

  • Go for hair extensions and clip-ons, or stick barrettes or bobby pins into short hair.
  • If you're uncomfortable with walking in heels, try wearing girly flats or flip-flops.
  • Shaving your legs can be a funny touch to go along with a dress or skirt.
  • Try spritzing on some perfume or using body glitter or scented lotion.
  • A pair of form-fitting girls' jeans or shorts and a feminine top can look just as good as a dress.
  • If your outfit is otherwise drab, try carrying a purse or wearing lots of jewelry.

Other Ways to Celebrate Homecoming Opposite Day

If you're not into dressing up or you don't have much spirit for your school, that's fine. There are lots of other ways to celebrate Spirit Week and have fun with your friends in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Instead of wearing a full outfit, you could try putting on just one accessory, such as a bracelet for boys or a fake mustache for girls. If you're a good makeup artist or you have an eye for fashion, you can help your friends choose outfits that will look great on them. Finally, you can support your friends through complimenting their outfits or cheering them on for mock homecoming court. Now, on to figuring out what to wear to the homecoming dance.

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Homecoming Opposite Day