Homecoming Slogan Ideas for Class Spirit

Get spirited!

You'll need some homecoming slogan ideas for class spirit if you want to make it an event to remember!

Fun for Everyone

Homecoming is more than just a chance to get dressed up in a stunning dress and show off a gorgeous hairstyle (although those are certainly great reasons) - it's an event that brings the entire school community together. Although homecoming starts at school, its minute details are what make the event memorable.

Think about all of the aspects involved in making it the best it can be. The football team practices in earnest for the big game. Cheerleaders put their own game faces on and bolster school spirit while urging the team on. Parents root for their sons and daughters. Teachers seem more like students, getting so involved that even classes seem more enjoyable than usual. Tests are all but forgotten. The school mascot is suddenly the most popular guy - or gal - on campus. Clearly, homecoming is an event not limited strictly to the student body. Its energy is infectious!

Choosing Homecoming Slogan Ideas for Class Spirit

Each year, students do their best to top the previous year's event. It's only natural to strive for homecoming gold! Perhaps one of the best methods of doing so is to create a homecoming slogan that will ring in the minds of the entire community for weeks, months and even years to come. Often, students draw inspiration from old slogans or even from the current class motto.

If you're on a planning committee and need some homecoming slogan ideas for class spirit, you have plenty of choices. Remember that class spirit is all about having fun, making the entire school community feel like a team and encouraging the unity between all classes. With these key points in mind, choosing an appropriate homecoming slogan should be a snap!

Support the Team

Give the team an extra boost with a slogan that promotes school spirit and shows the entire community's support. Often, schools will choose to use its own team and the opposing team's name to create a verbal "rivalry" of sorts. Not only does this inspire a "go get 'em" attitude, it also pumps up the team and gets the adrenaline flowing. Specific words have a great impact on team spirit, such as:

  • Aim
  • Victory
  • Attack
  • Power
  • Charge
  • Pride

Charitable Causes

Is your homecoming event tied in with a specific charity or cause? More and more schools are making their homecomings memorable by raising money and awareness for worthwhile causes that are important to the community. Many school committees, student clubs, teachers and parents contribute to the charitable cause. These words have a strong impact while increasing interest in the cause:

  • Raise
  • Believe
  • Honor
  • Help
  • Roll
  • Fight
  • Unite

The Dance

Plenty of time and effort is put into planning a homecoming dance that will be reminisced about for years to come. Dramatic themes, often inspired by specific eras, film genres, popular stories, athletic events, famous world locations and other renowned subjects, are the inspiration for some of the most fun, eventful homecoming dances. Use words and phrases that refer to the theme. For example, a Western-themed dance might connect easily with the word "lasso." Words such as "hang ten" and "roast" would be appropriate for a Hawaiian-themed dance. "Jackpot," "bet" and "odds" suit a Las Vegas-themed dance, while "red carpet," "premiere" and "blockbuster" pair well with a Hollywood theme.

Get Creative

The best, most spirited slogan is the one that captures and contributes to the school's energy and excitement. It should essentially spark a fever of sorts, spread through the halls and exude pride in the school and its team. Often, it's best said with an alliterated phrase that's catchy, punchy and easy to remember. Don't forget what the slogan is really all about: It embodies the tradition of the school and the enthusiasm of the student body.

Some Final Tips

Pump up school spirit with these tips and you're sure to create memories to last a lifetime.

  • Choose a theme song to suit your slogan or dance theme (or both).
  • Encourage the use of school colors every day of the week!
  • Give each day special meaning with its own unique theme.
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Homecoming Slogan Ideas for Class Spirit