How to Be a Teenage Fashion Designer

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If you are looking for tips on how to be a teenager fashion designer, then you've come to the right place! Read on for more information on how to make your dream come true.

How To Be A Teenage Fashion Designer Made Easy

Wanting to be a teenager fashion designer can seem like a pretty daunting task! Who do you turn to? Where do you even begin? Questions like these are common to anyone who has a dearly held dream. No matter how impossible it may seem now, it is possible to begin taking steps to transform your dream into reality.

Educate Yourself

If your goal is to learn how to be a teen fashion designer, then your first step is to start thinking like all the successful CEO's out there. Step one? Educate yourself. That means you need to:

  • Study fashion magazines.

Take a look at the most popular fashion magazines to get a handle on what's selling now. Think to yourself, does my style mesh with what's currently hot? How am I similar? What makes me unique? Will people like what I have to offer? Questions like these are not premature in the least. They serve to get you thinking about exactly what your style is and what segment of the population you'd like to see wearing your creations.

  • Talk to people.

Chances are, if you are a high school student, you have an art teacher who would love to hear about your plans. Talk to him or her. Not only can they give you great tips, but also they may even be able to help you get your first job in the business. At the very least, they'll be able to give you a stellar recommendation. It may not seem like much now, but if you decide to attend one of the top tier fashion schools in the nation, that recommendation will be worth its weight in gold!

  • Know your colors and fabrics.

It may seem elementary, but really take time to learn the color-wheel. From there, graduate to fabrics. Learn how fabrics feel and how they move. This too will serve you well as you move through this process.

Get Creative

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One of the best ways to launch your dream is to live it. Create unique designs for yourself and wear it to school, parties, the movies, wherever! If your friends and family like the look, make original creations for them. You never know where this could take you. Say, for example, you create a unique t-shirt for your Mom and she wears it to work where all her co-workers ooh and ah over it. You may very well have your own client base right there!

Consider An Internship

Securing an internship in the fashion industry may be next on your list of steps. Call who ever you have to and see if you can get a meeting. Be as professional as possible and give voice to the reason you are there. Tell them that you'd like to learn as much as possible and that you are willing to work hard to learn the business. Even though most internships are not salaried, you'll learn tons of new things, plus you'll have firsthand knowledge of how the business works. This alone will look superb on your college applications.

Formal Education

Speaking of college, start thinking about which fashion school you'd like to attend. You should already be keeping a portfolio of your work, as well as any notable mentions, like internships. This entire process is leading up to you eventually getting into the fashion design school of your choice.

Two great schools are The Art Institute and the Fashion Institute of Technology, or AI and FIT respectively. These are top tier design schools that can solidify your skills and give you the tools to launch a successful design career.

Note too that AI holds several fashion competitions. These are competitions that you can take part in while you are still in high school, and the best part is, if you win, you could get a scholarship to the AI. To learn more, click on the above link. You'll immediately be taken to the school's website. Once there, you'll be able to request more information, or a brochure.

A Final Note

Dream big and believe in that dream. No matter the goal, no matter how daunting, keep in mind that there is always a way to achieve it. With dedication, enthusiasm, and a true love for design, you can make it!

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How to Be a Teenage Fashion Designer