Coping Tips for Humiliated Teens

embarrassed teen

Being a humiliated teen is an inevitable part of the adolescent years. At some point, you will be embarrassed about one thing or another. Have you ever tripped face down in the cafeteria at school or maybe you were rejected when you asked someone out on a date? All parents and grandparents have a story or two about humiliating moments as they grew up, though they may not want to relive the embarrassment by retelling the story!

Tips and Advice for Teen Humiliation

Have you ever had a humiliated teen moment? Teachers, parents, youth counselors, friends and mentors all can give you advice on how to deal with the situation. Here are a few quick and helpful tips that will work for even the most humiliating moments during the teen years:

  • Don't stress: Whatever has happened can't be changed, so don't worry about it too much! Just go with the flow and shake it off, everyone falls down or runs into a door sometimes.
  • Talk about it: Talking about your embarrassing moments can be awkward, but venting to friends or someone you trust can help you get over it. Just be careful not to spread gossip or give others fodder to start rumors.
  • Learn from it: Learn from the mistakes you make. Wait until you are sure that your crush has left the room before you comment on how cute he looks or be sure to wear a belt next time you know you are going to be wearing loose jeans. This can help prevent humiliating moments from repeating themselves.
  • Laugh it off: A good sense of humor can make all the difference in a humiliated teen situation! If you can laugh at yourself, then it makes the whole thing seem less embarrassing and the event is less likely to be mentioned again among your circle of friends. Laughter is the best medicine, especially for forgetting those embarrassing moments.

Stories About Humiliated Teens

Humiliated teens may not always wish to retell their stories of awkward moments after they first happen, but later down the road, some decide to write them down and send them in to magazines, online forums, or even make them into a book. Stories, books and articles about humiliated teenagers are easily found almost everywhere in today's media. Most television sitcoms focus on the embarrassing moments of the teen and tween characters, and the same rings true for most comedy movies and skits. Here is a list of websites, books, and magazines that feature awkward moments from the childhood and teen years of many students around the country:

  • Seventeen Magazine: Seventeen magazine has a variety of pieces focusing on stories of teen girls and their most embarrassing moments as well as how to deal with said embarrassing moments.

Being a humiliated teen is a normal childhood and teenage experience. We've all had days where we walk around with toilet paper stuck on our shoes or have stepped in a nice fresh wad of gum on the sidewalk. Just remember that you are not alone. Someone else has fallen in the middle of the movie theater before or walked into the wrong restroom. Laugh it off and don't worry about it too much, because even the most graceful teen can be embarrassed. It's just a natural part of growing up.

Coping Tips for Humiliated Teens