Jostens Graduation Supply Overview

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Jostens graduation supply is introduced to new graduates every year. Jostens has long been a name familiar to graduating seniors and the company has a long-standing tradition of quality.

The Jostens Name

Founded in 1897, the Minneapolis based company has long sought to provide products and services that help people celebrate some of the most important events of their lives. For graduates, items that Jostens supplies include:

  • Class rings
  • Yearbooks
  • Invitations
  • Caps and gowns
  • Apparel
  • Invitations
  • Announcement packages
  • Thank you notes
  • Albums
  • Frames
  • Other keepsakes

Jostens Graduation Supply Items

While class rings are usually the first items to pop into many people's heads when thinking about graduation supplies, you'll find that Jostens is a well-rounded company who wants to act as a one-stop graduate shop. The most common Jostens products graduates will see are:

Class Ring

One of the most anticipated moments in a senior's life is being able to select a class ring. Many seniors will order their rings through their schools, but buying this special piece of jewelry can also be done individually. Homeschooled students aren't left out as Jostens provides a category of products for teens that won't attend a traditional graduation ceremony. Features of class rings include:

  • Year of graduation
  • School name
  • School mascot
  • Club symbols
  • Gemstones

It's up to each student to select what style of ring he wants as well as the significant features he wants. This is an accessory that will last a lifetime, so taking time to think over which style and what additions are wanted is the best way to ensure getting a ring you'll be happy with for years to come.

Class Ring Styles

There are so many different options in class ring styles that anyone can find a ring she loves. Some categories of Jostens graduation supply rings are:

  • Achiever: This is a traditional style ring, which can be designed with a round or square gem. Besides the graduation year and the name of your school, you can also fit sports or club symbols on this ring.
  • Stackable: A unique take on class rings, you'll be able to wear these rings-sold as a set-individually or all together. You can personalize your rings with your graduation year on one, gemstones on another and your school's name on yet another.
  • Signature: There are many different styles in this collection. Girls' rings are dainty and feminine, while boys' rings are bigger and bolder.
  • Heritage: Also a more traditional design, teens may find that their parents had a similar style ring when they graduated.
  • Varsity: Perfect for the graduate who excelled in sports, these rings are bold and made to capture attention.
  • Voice: Made for the teen that wants something different. These rings are minimalist in design and very sleek.
  • Tradewinds: More traditional in design, this collection boasts rings that many graduates will love to wear for years to come.


Toward the end of the school year, when yearbooks are distributed, seniors are sure to get all of their friends and favorite people to sign their yearbook. Jostens provides quality yearbooks that you'll be proud to show off, flip through and cherish.

Caps and Gowns

Jostens also provides cap and gown sets to graduates. The style and color will greatly depend on your school and will likely be chosen by administrators. You can order tassels that coordinate with your school's colors.

Quality Products

Jostens has a jewelry warranty that stands behind their products. While most people won't have any problems with their Jostens jewelry, in the event that something does occur, be sure you're aware of their warranty terms to see if your problem is covered.


Because graduation is such a special time in teens' lives, parents and other family and friends can join in the celebration. The keepsakes you purchase today will last for a long time, so choosing carefully will ensure years of satisfaction and enjoyment.

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Jostens Graduation Supply Overview