Make a Fashion Show for Fun With Friends

 Fashion Show

If you are looking for something fun and exciting to do, why not make a fashion show and invite all your friends? Showcase the latest fashion trends right from your own home.

Make a Fashion Show at Home

So you are sick and tired of the same old thing, right? Why not surprise your friends and make a fashion show right at home? A fashion show is not only fun to watch, but is also fun for those involved in organizing it and those who will be modeling in it. First you will need to pick a location. If the weather is still nice, your backyard is the perfect place. Decide on a date and time for your show. The weekend usually works best since many have work or school obligations during the week. Another important thing to do is to get your parents' permission since you will be having it at their house. Decide on the number of people you want in the show and also the number you will be inviting to watch the show.

The Invitation

Inviting people to your show can be as informal as sending out an email or making phone calls to all your friends. You could also send out a flier to those you want to attend. Be use to give the date and time of the show so everyone knows when to arrive.

Fashion Show Components

A fashion show consists of several components. In addition to the models, you will need to consider what type of fashions you would like featured in the show. Clothing can go along with a specific theme or be random and feature a wide array of fashions. Some fun themes include:

  • Back to school - have everyone wear something trendy that they bought for back to school
  • A day at the beach - models can sport their favorite beach or poolside apparel
  • A formal affair - show off the latest homecoming or prom fashions
  • Sports - models wear the latest athletic apparel or school sports uniforms
  • Showcase your own style - put together outfits of your own or better yet show clothing that you actually made and designed

Be sure to have the models do their hair and makeup for the show so everyone is looking their best! You can have someone is charge of hair and makeup as well.

Depending on the amount of time and how many outfits you want featured, be sure to have enough friends involved in the modeling. Changing outfits can take time so have everyone well prepared before the show begins. It is a good idea to set everything up early and have all the fashions picked out in advance. To make a fashion show a success, it is better to organize it so that the show runs smoothly and is enjoyable for all those involved.

Setting the Stage

Another factor to consider is creating a show location. You will need a runway for the models to walk on. You can easily create this by using fabric or runners to create a path designated as a runway. Another option is to do informal modeling where the models walk around amongst the guests and show off their fashions.If you plan on running the show, have something prepared to say about each fashion being modeled. Give a description of the clothing including the designer, where the look can be bought and maybe something about the model who is wearing it. Be sure to thank your guests for coming and watching the show.


Background music adds a nice touch. Create a mix of your favorite songs and play them during the show. Coordinate different fashions with different songs.


No fashion show would be complete without someone taking photos. Have someone designated as a photographer and have them take a picture of each fashion being modeled. If available, have someone video the show so you can watch it later.

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Make a Fashion Show for Fun With Friends