Makeover Games for Teens to Play Online or With Friends

Play makeover games with avatars.

If you love makeup, hair and fashion, makeover games for teens will give you the opportunity to create an unlimited number of looks.

Why Are Makeovers So Much Fun?

Face it, who wouldn't love to change their look from time to time? Wearing the same hair, makeup and clothes week after week grows old fast, but makeovers offer a quick way to change things up and freshen your outlook.

Teens have been giving each other makeovers for as long as there have been slumber parties. This includes experimenting with eye shadow and lipstick, trying out different hairdos and borrowing each other's clothes.

Virtual Makeover Games for Teens

If real makeovers just seem like too much work, give virtual makeovers a try via these popular websites. You'll find a variety of avatars, features and accessories you can mix and match for a different look every time. Just remember, you should always be careful when visiting new websites and never give out your personal information.

Girl Online Games

Girl Online Games will definitely not disappoint you with their selection of makeover games for teens. Here are two to start with.

  • Beauty Maker 2: Drag and dress your doll with dozens of fashion combos.
  • Bratz Big Night Out: Playing with Bratz is still fun even for older teens. In this makeover game, you'll actually need to earn points in order to advance to shopping for your doll and completing her look for her night on the town.

Sevelina offers links to dozens of makeover games for teens. Here are two fun ones to start with.

  • Alina's Makeover: Young teens will enjoy giving Alina dozens of new looks. In stage one, you can choose her eye color, makeup and hair. In stage two, you can change her skin tone, hair, clothes and add accessories.
  • Egyptian Spa: Discover the secret beauty of ancient Egypt as you play games and learn about spa treatments and facial treatments.

1888Free Games Online

1888Free Games Online offers plenty of makeover games to keep teens busy. Here are a few you'll enjoy.

  • Makeup Makeover: This game offers a nearly endless combination of makeup options and hair colors to try out. You can also change the model's dress color and add jewelry via a drag and drop feature.
  • Emo Hairstyle: If your parents won't let you experiment with Emo cuts and vivid hair color, you can still do it with this game. There are simply tons of ways to give this avatar an edgy look.

Makeover Games to Play in Person

Ready to play?

Of course, it's still fun to do makeovers in person. Here are a few games to try the next time you and your friends get together.

  • Speed Makeovers: How quickly can you change your entire look? Use your watch to time who can completely change their hair, face and outfit in the fastest time. For even more fun, divide into teams and make it a relay race.
  • Blind Makeovers: In this game, you and your friends must apply makeup and style your hair in the dark. When everyone is finished, flip on the lights and have a good laugh checking each other out. This game is especially fun to play at a slumber party.
  • Trust Me: How well do you trust your friends? Enough to let one give you a new look without the benefit of a mirror? Maybe you'll look great, or perhaps you'll wind up looking like you're ready to join the circus. You won't know until the big reveal. You'll definitely need a sense of humor to play this game.

Do you have a favorite teen makeover game you'd like to share? Perhaps you know of an awesome website with even more fashion games. Be sure to tell everyone about it in the comments box below.

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Makeover Games for Teens to Play Online or With Friends